Our Waterloo Community By: Justin

Our Waterloo community is a good community to be a part of. Mayor, Dave Jarworsky, Jeff Outhit a reporter from the KW Record, the Seniors at Luther village, Velocity's employees, and Rick Wherle a real estate agent all talked about what it meant to them to be part of our community. Here are their photos.

Rick Wherle Bottom corner. Jeff Outhit Left top. Dave Jarworsky Second photo.
The park is a good place to have fun at. Like walking your dog, going for a run,or maybe to let out energy.
The park is probably the best place to be with nature. You can see trees, bushes, and leafs!
Parks make you feel very relaxed. You can sit in one of these. A small shady place to rest in.
Waterloo is a hardworking community because when people work hard together as a team new things can be built and new places can be built. Waterloo is a hardworking community because the are working hard on building the new “ Glowing Trail”. The University of Waterloo University of Waterloo are Ranked 2nd overall in Canada and 1st for most innovative in Canada. Macleans magazine / University
These photos show that Waterloo is hard working by building buildings as shown in the photo grid. Waterloo community is hardworking because workers have just accomplished building 4 towers that have just open. The perimeter Institute are hardworking.

Here's a YouTube video about the Perimeter Institute It talks about what the Perimeter Institute is all about. They talk about PSI which is a winter school for people who have never seen snow and students take time from their classes to experience what snow is. Perimeter Scholars International is a one-year master's-level course in theoretical physics designed to bring highly qualified and exceptionally motivated graduate students to the cutting edge of the field in an intense, interactive training environment. The Perimeter Institute is probably one of the most hardworking school/ University there is in Ontario.

This shows that the Perimeter Institute is a hardworking community because they have stuff that helps people that have trouble learning in different ways. They have learning tools to boost their learning.
Hoped ya liked it Folks!

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