Women's World,Men's World The Culture

Men's and women's world are very different in our society , and its been like that since we can remember. Our cultures determines gender roles and all aspects of life. Women's world is feminine and a men's world is masculine its no in between the two. I will be contrasting a women's world and men to show how different they are.

Make up is like a ritual and a sense of power and beauty for women. Any part of the world women are tied to make up wearing it where ever they go. Most women in our society cover there faces with make up because it shows us how cute they are, plus it attracts men to them.

On the other hand men tend to show how strong they are. Being muscular and strong is a big deal to men because it increases there ego and confident. Plus the ladies love to see muscular guys. Its important to have muscles in a men world because it shows that you are not a man and weak and its also a sign of protect.

Flashy, fleek, sexy and gorgeous are some on things you will see in our society and how women dress in our culture. Women generally just like to look good it just make them feel good about themselves. Men dont really care about what they put on more than women do.

Men are providers of there families and great business man. The average men's in the world gets paid 80 cents more then women's in the world field. Men are more likely to get hired and work in the workforce than women. But on the other note this picture shows us how men can dress nice and look very presentable.

Women today are housekeepers or house workers. In our society, while men are gone working providing for the family women stay home and take care of the family while cleaning up the house and cooking hot meals. Women have had a house keeping role and taking care of the family while the man of the house is gone since back in the Greek time period.

Women are very unique in our culture because they give birth to children. They nurture and are caregivers to there family. Women have raised the world and what i mean but that is they gave birth to everybody so they are responsible for the world's population. Women are biologically built to have kids and that give them the gender role to be caregivers

While women are at home taking care of the family men are out hunting for food for there family. Hunting is a men job and can be very dangerous so its no job for a woman to be out gathering food. In most cultures men are force to go out and gather food for there family.

Men's world and women's world both can not live without each other even though they're very different but they can't live without each other. You'll see for your self that women have way different roles then a men do and its not there fault its should genetically we are and its how our roles are shaped in society.

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