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Inclement Weather and Outdoor Policy

Here is the information regarding Snow Days and Outdoor Policy. We want to continue to do our best to serve you all. With that being said, safety comes first for both the students and teachers/staff. When we have severe/inclement weather, we will follow all of the necessary protocols. We will not put anyone at risk and when we make the decision to close the school, we do it for safety reasons. We want you all to understand the circumstances and cooperate with us. We will follow Troy School District (when open) in the event of inclement weather. Schoolhouse Montessori-Troy will be closed based on Mother Nature. On extremely cold days, icy roads with black ice and unsafe driving conditions, Schoolhouse will make its own decision. Schoolhouse Montessori will be listed under Oakland County on all the news channels on the school closing list. School closings will be also posted on the Schoolhouse website, the school phone voice mail will be changed, and the director will send out a tweet for school closing. You can receive a text notification from the Twitter Account. In order to receive the text notification, there is no need to sign up for or create a Twitter account. Simply text “follow TroySMA” to 40404 from your mobile phone. A word of suggestion; download the click on Detroit school closing app to check the list of the schools that are closing for weather inclement Schoolhouse Montessori Academy-Troy will be listed under Oakland County.

Outdoor Policy/Snow gear: Students, who are attending school for more than three hours, must be provided with outdoor time, unless prevented by inclement weather (LARA R 400.8170). This is required by the Michigan State Licensing department. Therefore, all of the full day students will be required to bring their snow gear to school, including snow pants, snow boots, hats, mittens or gloves, and a jacket. You MUST LABEL your child’s name on everything. You can take home boots and snow pants on Fridays. Full day Students will be going out when the wind chill is 20 degrees and above. The staff uses reasonable discretion when deciding if weather conditions are appropriate for outdoor play. Children will be kept indoors if it is raining or when the temperatures become unsafe. If a child must be kept indoors for medical reasons, a signed, dated letter from the child’s doctor outlining the time frame and conditions of the restriction must be provided.

P: S The Teachers are ready for the snow gears to come to school bring in a reusable tote bags NOT backpack or travel duffel bags YOU MUST LABEL everything!


Dr. Perry