Flavored Milk In Our School by : Jakob Williams

This is not the type of milk but the flavor that this article is based on.

Flavored Milk and why it should stay

As of now most people think that Chocolate and Strawberry milk is bad for you, but you might change your mind after reading this article. Flavored milk should stay because of its great nutrients such as calcium and vitamins A and D. Also, many teens and kids, either don't eat breakfast or never drink milk. So, we should keep flavored milk in our school because it has great nutrients, less fat than plain white milk, and less kids drink milk that isn't flavored.

As I have said before flavored milk has great nutrients. Some that it includes are calcium and both vitamins A and D. According to an online article named Nutrition in Disguise, "Chocolate milk, unlike any other flavored drinks, has protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and calcium." To put that into perspective, flavored milk is healthy, and a lot of people don't even know! Flavored milk has great nutrients, so that's one reason it should stay in schools.

Another reason I have is that most kids don't even drink milk if it isn't flavored. That is bad if you think about it because kids would be less healthy if they didn't drink any milk at all! A nutritionist named Ms.Dobbins says, "Best of all, because they love the taste,some kids drink more when it's flavored." More kids drink milk when it is flavored.

One last and final reason is flavored milk contains less fat than white milk does. An example is that research shows that people who don't drink white milk are not heavier than those who do. In addition, when kids went back to school in Columbia after summer, all the milk was low-fat. In fact, in our school, all the milk except white milk is also low fat which really helps kids to not be too overweight. Kids who drink white milk are shown to be heavier than normal children!

Finally, these are the reasons that flavored milk should stay in our school. I feel like if you take away flavored milk in our school, if kids choose, they will eventually get too overweight from the fat that our white milk contains. In addition to that, our class took a survey out of 4th and 5th grade classes and more people would rather drink water or drink nothing at all! If you take away flavored milk, there will be a lot of weak and feeble children!

Video and pictures with captions

These are some responses from the survey
This screenshot shows that about 3/4 of the people who took this survey prefer chocolate milk
Finally, this is an example that if there was no flavored milk kids would prefer water or bringing no drink at all.

That is what I thought about keeping flavored milk in our school of Merrywood Elementary!

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