The Butler Park A punk rock band

The Butler Park is a local band formed in Carroll County Kentucky. They have had performances that have reached all across the state including most famously 'The Thompson House'.

The Butler Park featuring Dylan Mejia, Micah Wallace, Daniel Smith, Demarco Spiller, and Matt Oneal

Their hit single "Tongue Tied" has received much fanfare from fans and has received a fairly large reputation at a few venues that the band has performed at.

While currently writing their first EP release the band had this to say,

I couldn't really tell you what to expect because honestly it all comes to us as a whole band, We are planning to have the heavy come out when it needs to with badass instrumental breaks and our softs being emotional and knowledgeable to listen to. We are currently writing about out past lives and what we have experienced.

The current release date is expected to be at around two months. With two songs already collected including their hit song, 'Tongue Tied' the band expects to please many fans in the short amount the time allotted.

While fairly new as a group the members have been active in the music community for awhile. From Daniel Smith attending professional level classes and lectures for guitar to Demarco (The backup vocalist) being a professional R&B artist with lots of prior exposure to the music industry. The whole band as a whole resonates together and have been close friends for quite awhile, all with a passion for music they have joined together to create their own legacy.

Dylan Mejia and Micah Wallace together near some suspicious trees.

While The Butler Park collects themselves and prepares for their upcoming releases be sure to follow their Facebook page.

The Butler Park's current Facebook profile picture.
Expect greatness within the next two months.

And from everyone at The Butler Park,

Thank you

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Cody Skaggs


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