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The Event Planning Process
  • Pg.1 Topic Proposal Forms
  • Pg.2 Parent/Student Commitment Form
  • Pg. 3 Ethics Form
  • Pg. 4 Product Mentor/Community Service Contact Form and Log
  • Pg. 5 Product/Community Service Visual Documentation
  • Pg. 6 Mentor Thank You Letter
  • Pg. 7 Abstract
  • Pg. 8 Annotated Bibliography
  • Pg. 9 Research Paper
  • Pg. 10 Senior Project Self-Reflection
  • Pg. 11Product/Community Service Reflection
Pg. 1 Topic Proposal Forms
Pg. 2 Parent/Student Commitment Form
Pg. 3 Ethics Form
Pg. 4 Product Mentor/Community Service Contact Form and Log
Pg. 4 Product Mentor/Community Service Contact Form and Log
Pg. 5 Product/Community Service Visual Documentation
  • I would like to thank you Ms. Brooker for your time and commitment to helping me with my goals on my project and push towards my career path. You helped me understand every aspect of event planning and allowed me to work with some of my ideas and gain some skills and knowledge. The whole process was enjoyable and it made me work on my patience. I've learned that patience and accepting mistake is the key in the industry, but once again thank you !
  • Pg. 6 Mentor Thank You Letter

Pg. 7 Abstract

  • Event planners are people that are well organized and work hard under pressure. They work well with groups of people full of creativity and have a lot of patience. Event planning is job for people that work well with budgeting, working well with clients and are very flexible to multiple situations. These planners do more than just plan events and promote, there are multiple tasks and goals to obtain while working on even one thing.

Pg. 8 Annotated Bibliography

  • Sports Management Degree Guide. N.p., n.d. Web.
  • This website discusses the benefits and basics of event planning. Doing sports management is a helpful major that helps with the career focuses. This website also addresses the many other job opportunities that are available with the degree and the things that you may occur doing for each one.
  • How to Be an Event Coordinator. Villanova University, n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
  • This website is from the Villanova University website. It states the educational and training process that is takes to become an event coordinator. The career outlook and job duties are also posted on the website.
  • Job Profile: Sports Event Manager. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
  • It talks about the success part of becoming an event manager. Planning the world cup or the super bowl can be very big for an event planner. It also shows what a sports event manager is entitled and to become more successful to do volunteer work.
  • Sports Entertainment Event Management Salary. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
  • This link talks about the starting and highest paid salary that event managers make annually. It also states that convention centers, stadiums, television stations and entertainment management companies depend on sports entertainment event managers to oversee the procurement and scheduling of various sporting events.
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  • This link talks about the duties of a sports manager can range widely depending on his or her clientele. Some sports managers are responsible for an individual athlete and keeping them in good mental and physical health. A sports manager has numerous responsibilities that revolve around making it easier for their clients to focus on winning without worrying about the business or organization side of sports. Unlike sports agents, managers don't focus on contracts for their clients, instead managers ensure that their clients are getting the proper attention and training to allow them to compete at their highest level.
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  • It talks about the certification and education needed to direct and plan events for the National Association of Sports Commissions.
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  • Sports event planners need to have great communication, energy, time management and organization. It talks about the top 5 areas of majors that you can major in.
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  • The key things to being successful in the field is: 10 Administrative Items that are the foundation for any successful event, Budgeting, event feasibility and financial planning tools, selecting the right facilities and destinations, Volunteer staff training tips for all the jobs that need to be done, Critical response plans in case of emergency, Key elements in promotion and on-site communication & Best practices for transportation and traffic management.
  • How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Oct. 2016.
  • The link describes how to maintain the job, job opportunities, types of events and promotions.

Pg. 9 Research Paper

  • Event Planning
  • How should one interpret event planning? Event planners are people who organize an event. When you think of events you think of sports events, weddings, or maybe even concerts. Many people start from smaller events such as birthday parties, family reunions and even formal dinners. Organization, creativity, communication skills, patience’s and flexibility are things that event planners should have when it comes to this career. There are different types of events people can plan but most people specify in mainly one area such as sports. Most event planners start local while building clientele in their own business. The best part of being an event planner is the planning, budgeting and the collaboration with others.
  • The 1st thing to being an event planning is the planning. There are a few steps to planning a well-developed event. By using creativity and organization the planner should start brainstorming and setting goals for the specific event. There should be a big image on how the event should go and all the possible outcomes. Every planner should have back-up plans for anything that may occur the day of the event; such as weather, accidents or even the shortage of participants. There should be small objectives to reach to make the event planning process easier. When coming up with ideas, there should be thoughts of the type of audience that is wanted for the event. There should be a catchy name or slogan for the event to gain the attention of the right crowd of people to the event. The idea of the event should come with the ideas of sponsors, promotors, speakers and the most important part the entertainment. The communication skills come when working with your team to find all the things needed to make the event successful. The entertainment of the event should have different activities which varies based on the event that is taking place.
  • The key factor in making any event successful is to establish a proper budget. The money towards the event should incorporate estimates for all the ideas and items for the event. There should also be thought put into anything such as transportation or the cost for the sponsors, speakers or entertainment. You want to make sure the cost of the event is affordable and reasonable to the crowd of people you’re trying to obtain and especially the area that its being held. Donations, promotions and other ideas can obtain money for the event if needed to pay for the cost. One way to set yourself up for the budgeting process can be creating a budget spreadsheet. You can create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel on any computer or laptop, but make sure any progress is saved in your documents or a flash drive. The spreadsheet will be to list out the items, amount needed, estimated cost and the actual cost. Listing those things out will have you focused on the right amount of needed for the whole event. Researching each item and the different places you can receive them will help the process faster. Having everything set up will help, get to the process of finding entertainment and sponsors to pay for. There are sometimes last minute expenses or unexpected expenses. Every planner should consider about 10% of the money to have for any unexpected expenses. The 10% of the money can also be used for emergencies during the event. There shouldn’t be no hidden costs when working with entertainment, sponsors or your clients so there won’t be any conflict and all expenses will be covered for. Make sure the number of staff needed is based on the highest expected attendance to keep the event together. When finishing the process of budgeting don’t forget that people usually forget taxes! Taxes are usually overlooked, make sure all estimates and cost include the tax, because in different cities or areas there are higher tax rate than yours when it comes to working with different groups of people.
  • All the key factors in the event planning process wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the collaboration with others. The more people you work with, the more clientele you will gain over the years you work. The more clientele you have, the more successful you’ll be as an event planner because without clients there won’t be any business. You will need to work with others and not be alone with everything because there isn’t an event without help from coworkers, connections, sponsors, different brands, and entertainment. Every event planner builds their success through their connections with their team. Starting off, every planner should build a team to cooperate with and put team effort into every aspect of the planning process and aspect of the events that may occur. Having a team or working with others speeds up the process of making your event the best. More than one person can help everyone fix things together, spread better ideas to one another and have more connection to higher people. Everyone should be flexible to new ideas, meetings, volunteers and everyone being a leader. The team or teams set up for the planning process should be given different task towards the event, which will make the process faster and easier. There can be someone for the budgeting, promotions, etc. Teams or working with others should always get the event ideas and make the process better instead of doing it alone. Doing it alone may cause stress or it may not be as successful as a big cooperation would give you.
  • Furthermore, event planning is a career for people that are well organized and love seeing a lot of people satisfied. Event planners work with groups of people to organize various events for organizations, people, sponsors or even teams. Cooperation and good communication skills will help make the job a lot easier, because of the amount of time used to work with people and contacting others for booking. People contact event planners for mainly birthdays, concerts, weddings, sports events and many more. Their supposed to take the ideas of their clients and create an event for them that will keep the business flowing. The event planned must have proper budget to make the event a complete success. Without the money, there won’t be enough to pay for the required materials or to reach all objectives for the event. Event planners should have great positivism, creative thoughts, organization and be very flexible to new ideas. There wouldn’t be a great event planned through a planner without team work, proper budget and a great planning procedure.

Pg. 10 Senior Project Self-Reflection

  • The senior project was a helpful experience and assignment. It allowed me to gain exposure to my career path and more experience with speaking in front of a crowd. My presentation went well for me, i could've spent less time explaining one thing and could've made more connections so the audience could understand more.

Pg. 11 Product/Community Service Reflection

My community service was where i got my exposure and knowledge from. I worked on booking, arranging, etc. I also worked with senior activities and Josten's events. I kept up with the data base for payments and debts for seniors. It was a great experience to be apart of.

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