Nutritionists an occupation dealing with the study of nutrition and or food habits

Nutritionists help people choose healthier options or a good diet

Nutritionists reccomend that in order to eat healthy you should...

Have at least half of your plate contain fruits and veggies.

Try to eat whole grains instead of regular grains more often.

and lastly, switch up your meals, don't always eat the same thing for dinner or lunch... It is especially important to switch up proteins!

Some good proteins to switch up can include seafood, beans, and meat

Some degrees related to this field can include:

nutrition, nutrition science, nutrition and wellness, health education and many more!

Examples of What a Balanced Diet Can Look Like

About Nutritionists

  • the employment rate of nutritionists is expected to grow 16 percent from 2014 to 2024
  • this is a very high rate, and this is good
  • this means there will be more people working on finding ways to help obesity and diseases like malnutrition and diabetes

And lastly, here is a quick video to sum up everything that has been talked about and that can answer some questions you might have!

By Kate Reuter


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