Pink Pinapples?! By. Spencer Freiberger

The GMO Pink Pineapple has genes that make the pineapple pinker and sweeter. They take the pigment that makes tomatos red, and inject it into the pineapple. The gene is supposed to make the pineapple "extra sweet."

Del Monte decided that he wanted to make pineapples taste sweeter. He says that the GMO is still being tested. It just recently got approved to be sold in the US.

Pros: The GMO is able to withstand insect infestations. It makes the food taste "better." No chemicals have to be used to make sure this GMO stays fresh longer.

Cons: People are allergic to all types of food. They could have an allergic reaction to the extracted DNA from the tomato. Gene migration can cause the genes to spread to other plants. Lowered resistance to antibiotics.

I personally think that this GMO is okay. Pineapples are already good, but you're making it 10 times better and making it look better. It can also stay fresh longer.


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