Good Life Performance The ultimate experience

The Spatial Experience

Once we were inside, I felt sort of whimsical. We sat on the left side of the auditorium more towards the back; the view was great. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt anxious in an excited kind of way. I began to anticipate the first characters' arrivals. All of a sudden, they started to pop out from all over the theatre. The auditorium was rather large; there was easily 100 Good Life students in the seats. I liked the large setting. The actors did a great job of utilizing the entire space. The place was my first impression of the performance, which ties into its role in the Good Life. When a place elicits positive energy, I feel the positivity within myself. It's as if the place in which one chooses to live is the first impression of the Good Life, and therefore determines whether that place deserves to be lived in or not.

Christina and I before entering the theatre

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with my friend, Christina, a girl whom I had met on the first day of the Good Life class. I am so thankful that I met her because her and I got ready and drove to the performance together. I would've gone alone if it weren't for her; I'd rather not do things alone. Better yet, another Good Life students approached the two of us as we arrived to make sure she was going to the right place, and I invited her to sit with us. Attending the performance with friends enhanced my experience because it made me more excited to go, and it was beneficial to have people to talk to and bounce opinions of the show off each other. Shared experiences are very precious to the Good Life. It reminds you that you're not alone; other people have felt and are feeling the same way that you do. Sharing experiences gives one a good sense of security, importance, and belonging.

Waiting for the performance to begin

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central issue in the performance was basically the clash between Religion and Theatre. The Divine Sarah Bernhardt was to perform a controversial play and two young seminarians were ordered to deliver her a letter that forbids her to perform it. She replies that she will offer the church an answer onstage. Before the performance, I had knowledge that Religion and Theatre had conflicts, mostly because Religion has conflicts with nearly every aspect of life. However, I didn't realize the extent of which Religion was truly threatening Theatre. The performance didn't exactly change how I view the issue, but instead reaffirmed what I already know to be true; the hypocrisy of Religion needs to be exposed, and the arts need to be available, as well as encouraged, for everyone to experience. The subject matter does, in fact, have a relationship to something in my own life. I grew up in a strict Christian family, and another thing, I'm a lesbian. I haven't gone to church in years because it feels like I don't belong. This is completely wrong because church is supposed to make you feel whole and loved, but instead it makes me feel inadequate and shunned.

Reactions to the play afterwards

The Emotional Experience

Katharsis, this idea of coming clean, is important in feeling good about yourself. As the actors mentioned in the "talk back" after the performance, it's all about how you feel. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for katharsis through its exposure of hypocrisy. Acknowledging that life is full of suffering instead of hiding from the fact in order to prevent pain is very cleansing. It gives such appreciation for the beauty and wonder in life; without suffering we wouldn't know those great things. Coming clean is what makes your mind feel good, which makes your body feel good, and it's all about how you feel. Feeling is essential; feeling good will lead to living the Good Life.

Taking selfies with people taking selfies in the background

The end

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