My Utopia

My utopia would be placed in a forest near a river that was close to a water fall.

My shelter would be placed in and around a forest. It would sit close to the waterfall. My old fashioned mansion would be able house friends and family daily. It would have a giant kitchen which would provide any type of food that I'd like.

My entertainment would be the outdoors. I'd have an outdoor pool, along with trails that leaded down to the waterfall. I'd have rope swings and all that down by the waterfall. I'd have an indoor theatre that would play any movie out or coming out. I'd have a helicopter that could take me anywhere just in case I got bored.

I'd also have animals, like cows, chickens, horses, etc. I'd have a giant garden so that I could have fresh vegetables and fruits. It would always be warm here, there wouldn't be snow. For things like cloths and makeup I'd simple buy them online.

My sayings is from Lilo and Stitch " Ohana means family and family never gets forgotten or left behind." This quote/ sayings connects to my tribe because as we realize that we might be the only ones left we grow together until we become like a family. We learn to look out for each other as our problems increase and our days turn into weeks. Along with how we learn to work together daily to survive.


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