Experience with Baby Tia Lucarelli

In what way was caring for Baby like caring for a real infant? In what way was caring for baby not like caring for a real infant

Baby cried a lot for different reasons. He could of been crying because he wanted attention or because he was hungry or needed his diaper changed ect. I had to take care of him all the ti,d even during the night. Sometimes he would eat for 20 minutes, sometimes I would have to burp him for 10 minutes and sometimes I would have to rock him for a while.

In what way was caring for Baby easier than you expected? In what way was caring for Baby harder than you expected?

During the day when I was not doing anything, was the easiest caring for Baby. All I had to do was pick it up and do whatever it needed from me. The hardest part caring for Baby was when I was sleeping at night because I had to wake up and do what it needed every hour to two hours.

How has the experience with Baby affected your plans for your life?

I never did want a child at this age. I was thinking about when I was older and physically/ mentally/ financially ready to have a baby I would. My thoughts on that have not changed with this experience.

How did having Baby help you discuss parenting with your parents/ family?

My mom/family just said it was a hard job and taking care of a real baby is a lot harder.

What did you learn from this experience?

I learned that taking care of a child is hard. I learned that when you have a baby, the baby comes first.

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