Discovering the role of DNA By: olivia taylor

1865- Gregor Mendel: he found characteristics of pea plants that are passed down with the same traits as the plant that was used to bread it. He des covers the basic of genetics.

1903- Walter Sutton: he found out that chromosomes carry the cell's units of inheritance.

1911- Thomas hunt Morgan: he discovered that genes are arranged in a linear line up, he studied fruit flys for his discoveries.

1928- Fredrick Griffith: he discovered that bacteria contains a molecule and it can transfer genetic information from one cell to another. He used mice to experiment and test his theory.

1944- Oswald Avery- cheacked griffiths theory and concluded it was DNA.

1952- alfread Hersey and chase: they confirmed that the genetic material is DNA not protein.

1952- Rosalind franklin: used an x-ray to demonstrate and show the pattern of DNA.

2000- Craig venter and Francis Collins: discovered the sequence of DNA.


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