The alliance By:Gabriel Goodman edited by: Deven Robinson

Summary: The alliance follows of a teen named Scott trying to avenge the the death of his gay friend. He decides to start a LGBT club and then gets a death threat reading "You're Next". Even with this he still decides to continue on with his plan. Scott and his girlfriend Carmen go out to get signatures to start up the club. While trying to find someone to sign the petition each of them runs into there own obstacles. finally, a parent group comes in and gives them enough signatures to put the club on hold. then the story ends and picks up in the next book.
My Opinion: For a story a that deals so much with people i'm surprised i did not feel for anyone emotionally. im not Ranting saying the book is bad but the way it is set up i was expecting more emotion. the story was great and the characters were complex but they just weren't impact full enough emotionally. One thing i do like is how Jaime is portrayed as the one who got bullied but the ones closest never expected him to kill himself. oi
Online summary :
Quote: "Ya hear about Jamie Ballard? Little faggot went and killed himself"


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