Universal Studios BY LOGAN RAPP

Universal Studios is part of the Disney land chain of theme parks. It features bigger roller coasters and is geared toward a slightly older crowed than Disney Land and Lego Land. It features movie themed attractions like Harry Potter and Marvel related hero's.

The Incredible Hulk roller coaster. The best times to wait in line to get on is from 9 to 10 AM

While many of the rides are meant for the older crowed, there are smaller rides and hero's walking around the park to keep the kids entertained.

The Amazing Spider man ride. The best wait times are from 9 to 10 AM or after 6 PM

The park has restaurants and concession stands stationed around so you can eat without having to leave, although they are very convenient they typically also have a higher price than the average restaurant.

Harry Potter 3d ride. The best times to ride is 9 to 10AM or after 5PM

Some of the rides also feature many special affects to make you feel like you're moving, while in reality you haven't moved a foot.

Since it is part of the Disney chain, the hotels in the area are always of high quality and there are huge campgrounds for anyone who likes to camp. The camps almost always have a pool and feature minor events like movies each night.

Universal is in Orlando Florida, so the quickest way to get there would be by plane. If you choose to drive it will take about 14 hours by car.

For one person the average admission to the park is 88 dollars for an adult and 82 dollars for children. The cost of a flight to Florida is about 300$ on average and its about 100-200 dollars to drive depending on your stops and make of car.

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