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  • One of the Big Four accounting firms
  • Offers audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services to thousands of companies all over the world
  • Some of their largest clients are Coca Cola, FB, Google, and McDonalds
  • The CEO since 2013 is Mark Weinberger
  • Before gaining this position, he held many government positions under both the Clinton and Bush administrations


Numbers from last years fiscal year. Their revenue, individual service line's revenue, and every region they hold offices across the world continuously experience major growth.
EY professionals in Disney World after busy season. Company rented out park to show appreciation for employees putting in such hard work. Shows that EY values work life balance and isn't just about bringing it clients and making money.


I am applying for an internship in the audit field to work in groups and to familiarize with the accounting profession. I am doing this so that down the line when I apply for a job, I have the skills I need to get there. I would also like to see what other EY professionals do on a daily basis.


This quote, found on the EY website, stuck out to me because I try to get myself to think outside the box and ask lots of questions. I would be a great asset to EY because I could offer them new and more efficient ways to communicate with clients, audit financial statements, etc. Also, my success in the accounting classes I have completed thus far will help me provide knowledge to them.
EY Emerging Leader Summit Program in Washington DC last summer. I recently just got accepted to this program for the upcoming summer. Great way to network with 280 students, and tons of EY professionals from across the country to get my name out there. When applying to internships, this will look very good on resume/ to talk about in interview.

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