UX Team, Assemble sample structure and roles you can use to build your UX and product design team

UX/UI team configurations vary based on budget and team size restrictions; but we find most groups are composed of the following example roles. Note, the skills are not all-inclusive (we know you do a lot more than this). Here's our dream team.

UX Designer

Desi, The Visualizer: Sketches in pencil, throws dinner parties, watches game show reruns

Desi's top skills:

  • Product strategy
  • Development planning
  • Iterations
  • User interfaces
  • Prototypes

UI Designer

Unni, the Creative: Plays paintball, owns a 3D printer, eats breakfast for dinner

Unni's all about:

  • User Interfaces
  • Color and palettes
  • Accessibility
  • Iconography
  • Style guides

Interaction Designer

Ian, the Interactive: Likes woodworking, hikes off-trail, listens to true-crime podcasts

Ian's great at:

  • Interaction modeling
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes
  • Mental modeling
  • User interfaces

Information Architect

Ira, the Organizer: Plays chess, currently remodeling his home, jogs with his dogs

Ira's strengths are:

  • Person-logic architectures
  • Organization schemas
  • Taxonomies
  • Search
  • Navigation

UX Researcher

Ursula, the Researcher: Loves roleplaying games, reads historical fiction, sings in the car

Ursula's top talents:

  • Research strategy
  • Usability studies, interviews, surveys
  • Heuristic reviews
  • Persona building, empathy maps
  • Voice of the customer

Project Manager

Pam, the Coordinator: Loves sushi bars, watches sci fi, rockclimbs on the weekends

Pam's super powers:

  • Project plans
  • Process
  • Brand strategy
  • Budget setting
  • Goal setting and achievement

Business Analyst

Bart, the Evaluator: Wakes up early, speaks three languages, brews his own beer

Bart's best at:

  • Business strategy and objectives
  • Clarification
  • Defining business value
  • Voice of the business

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