P211.T45 The Secrets of Clemson

I began my adventure to the silo outside of Barre where I found a plaque with a call number that directs you to Cooper Library. When facing the plaque, if the ASC had not been built in the direct line of sight, you would be able to see Cooper from the silo. At that point I assumed the call number, P211.T45, is to direct you to a book in Cooper.

Once arriving at Cooper, I asked the lady at the front desk about the call number. She handed me the book below. P211.T45 is a signature book for students at Clemson to sign and leave their legacy behind for other Clemson Tigers that come across the book. Within the book were multiple signatures, doodles, and small notes from new to graduating students. Through the signature book, multiple canons and rhetorical appeals are being utilized. Students are thinking inventively of specific Clemson memories, prior to just throwing words down on a page. They are arranging their thoughts in a concise, short message and adding style to their note through phrases, signatures, and doodles. The delivery of these memories and signatures are presented in a way at which makes you want to continue to read. You went on an adventure in order to discover this "secret" book, of course you are going to read every page, name, AND sign your own. Why not be apart of this cool tradition? I think this book was created to allow students to feel as though they are apart of the Clemson legacy. The book is a "secret" to keep alive the mysterious vibe associated with the adventure of finding out exactly what P211.T45. The mystery aspect causes emotional appeal to the students, like myself, who feel as though they want to crack the code and then contribute a tangible part of the Clemson legacy.

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