My First Year in Advanced Art By: Grace Richardson

I took advanced art this year to help develop my art making skills. Last year I took Art 1 and had no experience in drawing or painting and Mrs. Galyk taught me how to work with both medias. This year I was expecting to challenge myself and work with various medias. I feel as if by the end of the year my expectations for advanced art will be met.

Charcoal Self Portrait

The piece that I am most proud of completing this year is my charcoal self portrait. My art has improved this year because I have more experience in shading and have worked with both familiar and new forms of media.

Watercolor Eye

If I could redo a piece of my Artwork that I have completed it would have been my water color eye. I struggled at first because I was half way done with my painting when I accidentally splattered blue paint all over my paper. I decided to throw it away and start from scratch. This time I forgot to use masking fluid for my shadows so I had to adjust my colors accordingly. If I redid this project I would take more time and use more patience to complete it.

I think I have demonstrated both reflection and developing my art making skills the most this year. In each of my projects I have stepped back and looked at my art and asked for others critique. I have developed my art making skills by widening my horizons and trying new medias while still practicing with medias that I am familiar with.

Next semester I would like to use clay more and finish a successful clay project! I would also like to create a bigger charcoal drawing.

I'm going to continue my Avenger watercolor painting.

February 17, 2017

Sunset Painting

I developed my art making skills by using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is a media that I would not usually pick because I have never liked it before because I have never completed a successful acrylic painting until now. I am very happy with my feeling and feel as if my patience and attention to detail while working with acrylic paint made my artwork a success.

I am proud of my project because I didn't recreate a picture that I found on the internet instead I created a setting that I have imagined and seen before. This piece of art is meaningful to me because I would classify it as my first successful painting. I would also say it was a challenge too because I am used to recreating something I see on a screen instead of creating something on my own.

If I did this project again I would have planned out my design better instead of adding things in and being scared of ruining my whole project.

Even though my beginning design changed by the end of the project. I planned and researched throughout creating my project. I watched videos on making clouds and pine trees, while also asking for the input of others before I made any big decisions.

March 24, 2017

Lion Head

My skills have improved tremendously with clay. My first clay project was a pinch pot hand built snail, but I improved upon my clay skills by hand building a larger product by using different techniques than I did when building my snail.

During the creation of my lion head I felt like I engaged and persisted. Creating something with clay isn't the easiest, especially when you have long fingernails. Although there were some struggles during my project I stuck with it until it was finished, I worked on this project every school day during two class periods for two weeks.

My lion head was inspired from the Broadway production "The Lion King". I went and saw the show this summer and Dayton and the costumes and scenery were amazing. I created my lion head to be a memory of the experience I had watching the production.

My favorite thing about my project was the media I chose to work with. I enjoy working with clay because it is hard to mess up and you can do basically anything that you want with it. If I did this project again I would have built the lion's face up more, but I am very happy with my finished product!

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