What's new in 123muse version three? Take a tour of our new features FOR 2016

We have been working on this for some time now, and everything came to a halt while we got it done. So what is it? Version three of our site.

Here is a quick breakdown of what we have achieved with the new site upgrades.

  1. New dynamic home page and footers.
  2. New template section.
  3. New join page.
  4. New login area.
  5. New About us and legal pages.
  6. Updated news page (formally loop).
  7. Updated stacks page (formerly collections)

Our new home page big and bold, easy to use.

Clean and clear navigation with quick access to all our content.

Search the entire site from the pop-up search box right on the homepage.

Take a look at the beautifully animated "Why join?" page. How did we achieve motion activated animations?

Our new user login page with quick access to all content areas and subscription management.

Our new visual sitemap uses the new fluid layouts available in Muse CC.

The entire site is now fully responsive, the site flys through Google's mobile-friendly testing services. That means that everything is now accessible from iPhones to iPads, MacBooks to Chromebooks.

We also made some tweaks to the navigation and fixed some bugs.

It is all about sustainability.

So why are we making such a big deal of this? As you know, 123muse is me (Chris Kellett) and my brother (Dan Kellett) we want to focus on creating content such as widgets, templates, and tutorials and not spend all out time tweaking our site. However, during year one of 123muse, you will have noticed many changes (all for the better we hope) all with the aim of spending lest time on the site development and more time on content.

This meant us to spending less time on content and more time on development to achieve our goal. More time for content.

Now with all our content, even the home page and on page animations, being data driven we can now get on with producing content and allowing the hard word in developing the site do its job.

We hope you enjoy the updated site. Here are some more detailed breakdowns of the new and improved sections.

NEW: Home Page.

The new home page features dynamic content with a large poster image supporting the current them of our focus which this month is turning ideas into designs ( exactly what we have done with the new site).

Homepage on desktop, tablet and mobile.

We then have our latest widget; article and template featured keeping the home page fresh.

The page completely modifies itself to match the best layout for each device and screen orientation. This includes all dynamic data and load animations.

You can also access a cool new menu and site search directly from this page.

NEW: Login area:

The V2 login area was simple but ugly we now have quick access to all sections as well as some quick support for 'newbies' and support options.

Customer login area.

This new page will allow us to add more options as we add new services to the site. You can also access you payment options from here.

NEW: Join page.

While this page has the sole purpose of driving new 12muse subscriptions, take a look at the scroll activated animations. This page is, of course, responsive too.

Why join page.

NEW: Templates section.

We have wanted to add a proper templates section since we started selling widgets. However, we also wished to get it right. The new templates area features a dynamic intro animation that automatically highlights the latest template.

Templates previews.

The product detail pages allow for quick previewing of a live version of the design in all three form factors along with all the appropriate information you need.

Feature elements of the designs are highlighted with large on page graphic diagrams.

UPDATED: Stacks.

Stacks (formerly 'Collections') is where we can group articles of a similar theme together to give a more linear read of matching content. We have added an updated dynamic header along with other minor tweaks.

NEW: Visual Sitemap.

Most of the frontend of 123Muse V3 has been built with Muse. We wanted to make sure that if we are talking about Muse in a commercial setting, we are using it ourselves. The visual sitemap is a good example of responsive Muse in action.

Visual Sitemap.

We have added a new responsive template which is just the start. Updated and improved our previous templates, tweaked and improved and updated just about everything.

Now it's time to start releasing our awesome content.

Thanks for reading.

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