The Rialto bridge By neeko haas

This is the Rialto bridge at night.

The location

This certain bridge is located in Venice Italy. This bridge cross the Grand Canal. The bridges span Is 30.80 meters or 104.3 ft. This is in fact one of the oldest bridges in Venice, Italy that is still in use today.

When the bridge was built who was involved in building it.

This bridge was build to 1588-1591. This took 3 years intotal to build. Antonio da pointe and vincenzo scamozzi were the builders and designers of the bridge.

This is the design of the Rialto bridge

Type of bridge

This picture shows you up close, how this bridge looks like. You can see the diffrent variations of color of the stone that was used to build it.

This was a arch bridge. This bridge was made out of stone. The stone type that was used to built this bridge is marble.

Intresting facts :

1. Rialto Bridge was built to provide access to the Rialto.

This is a side view of the Rialto bridges costom stone work.

2. This bridge has inspired many artists. The designs on the bridge would inspire artists to paint landscapes of the bridge.

3. It is laden with shops and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Venice.

4. Rialto Bridge is over 160 years old.

5. Many people thought that the bridge would collapse shortly after the bridge was built.



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