The Memeinator By: Kody Paredes

BattleBot Persuasive Essay

The Memeinator

By: Kody Paredes

There is no doubt that our bot, “The Memeinator,” is the only bot that has the right features/characteristics to win. During this project. We are trying to persuade people that our battle bot will win. In order to do that, we were supposed to ACTUALLY build a bot to compare it to others, judge them, and add features to our bot to make an argument. In this assignment, my partner is Ermma, who is a superb partner. The name of our bot is, “The Memeinator.” I personally think that the purpose of this project was to do something different in English instead of always writing. I also think that the purpose of this was to get creative, type faster, and learn how to write persuasively. My bot, “The Memeinator,” is the best because it has a creative design, it has a deadly defense/offense, and because it was planned thoroughly.

Our bot, “The Memeinator,” is the best because it has a creative design. It as a design that is unique based on the fact that it isn't a box like 90% of the bots. Not to mention, our bot has a one-of-a-kind idea, using a wood frame for stability and strength. Plus, our bot’s defense/offense focuses on the ENTIRE BOT, not just the front and the back like other bots. It was also based on multiple bots in Battle Bots, and was combined to make it one bot that has it all. The creative design process we used to create our bot makes it the best bot.

“The Memeinator” is the best bot because it has a deadly offense/defense. It has defense on all sides. Not to mention, we have an equal amount of offense and defense. Our defense includes spikes, nails, shields, armor, wood, and more. The offense includes a spinner, a grabber, spikes, and ramps that are large and sturdy. Based on these facts, “The Memeinator” is clearly the bot with the best defense/offense.

Yet another reason why “The Memeinator” is the best bot is because it is the most thoughtful bot and because it was the most carefully planned bot. My partner and I spent 3 days planning how we were going to make our bot at the beginning of the project. We got the supplies and stocked them so we wouldn’t run out early. We also planned what we would work on each day and then set a goal for the next day. Plus, we watched multiple real bot fights and took notes/strategies. “The Memeinator” has all the right things to be called the most planned out bot and the most thoughtful bot of them all.

“The Memeinator” possesses a creative design, a deadly defense.offense, and the most thoughtful and planned bot making it the obvious best. A unique and one-of-a-kind design makes it the best bot. Because of its destructive defense/offense, our bot is the superior. It is also the most cautiously mapped out bot, which easily makes it the most thought-out bot. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” -Muhammad Ali


The wheels on our main bot!

Our mini bot in all its glory!

The close-up of the grabber and name!

The two bots side to side!

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