The gift of problems By JJ Clay

A while back my Father had an accident while he was drunk and had to have his toe taken off and he couldn't walk for a long time and he had to lean on me for help with the house and stuff like that so I hardly had the time to focus on other things.

This was a blessing in disguise he realized because he was drinking he hurt himself and that was hard on everyone else around him.

This person's girlfriend sold his play station 4 his TV and all of his games after they broke up and he left their house.

This was a blessing in disguise because he got away from that girl long story short she was bad news.

This guy was fixing a motor to a lawn mower he went to put a belt back while the motor was still running and it ripped the skin off his finger.

This was a lesson do not stick your hand in a running motor.

2 years ago my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and it was originally in his leg but it spread to his lungs and a few other vital organs and it ended up killing him in February last year my grandpa was one of my best friends he was always there for me and the only thing that still haunts me is I didn't spend more time with him.

This was a blessing in disguise because he didn't have to suffer anymore and also a lesson I learned how quickly life can be taken away.


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