Tsunamis By: Pelin, Andrew ,ANWAR ,Claire

Woosh! A huge wave approaches. What is it? Just a pretty big wave? Is it just a mountain in the distance? Is it a huge waterfall? No, it’s a… TSUNAMI! Run away, everybody take cover, get to the highest place possible!!!


Have you wondered what causes a tsunami well this is what this paragraph is all about. Here is what causes a tsunami. A tsunami is an underwater earthquake so it has the same cause as the earthquake a tsunami is caused when land collides and it forces water to go up. Most of the time a tsunami happens after a earthquake. A tsunami affects people's lives but in what way they lose money people die and people use money. It also affects by wrecking everything!

Prevention and Safety

Tsunamis are not “play time”. A tsunami is very dangerous so there are some basic things you need to know to stay safe. First of all a tsunamis very high so the most sensible thing to do would be to go to the highest point you can find. If you are lucky and your area is high enough then the tsunami may not reach you! It maybe a good idea, if you are in a place that has lots of tsunamis, to build your house at a high spot and away from water. It may also be helpful to plan an escape route too. You should also stay in your hiding spot after an earthquake until it is announced that it is safe. Also keep in mind to not return to affected land for a while after the tsunami. If you lock all of these facts in your brain you are sure to stay safe!

Tsunami Measurements

Nobody can get exact measurements while a tsunami is happening but other ways have been developed to measure. Scientists give tsunamis ranks by their heights. One of the ways they measure is by looking at how much and where the debris has spread out to. Also experts can look at how much the plants got affected by the salt water. These are all ways to give run ups on the measurements on the tsunami.

Historic Events

  1. The most horrific tsunami in the world was the in the indian ocean in 2004 december 26th. This terrifying event happened to 11 different countries in Asia. The worst waves hit south, east Asia. this tsunami killed 230,000 people millions were homeless. One of the waves traveled 3,000 miles and hit the beaches of Africa. another tsunami killed 168,000 people in Thailand. In all that is more than all of the tornadoes earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami that have ever struck the United States!

Money lost

In Indonesia there was a tsunami they lost 1 trillion dollars that it takes a lot of money and has a giant effect to people and countries and waste a lot of lives and that can happen in a lot of places and one of the smallest tsunami took 3.4 million dollars and that is a small tsunami but some countries can afford that so that is going to be hard to fix and some people's house get destroyed and some people don't have that much money so how are they going to afford all the damage that happened but in some countries they can so that is unfair to other countries and fair for other countries and what I am trying to say that is a lot of money to repair the damage.

First Hand

I know it does not seem possible but some people survive tsunamis and live to tell the tale. These are some first hand stories….Once a 27 year old woman got swept out to sea she was pregnant and did not know how to swim. “I happened by a nearby tree and ate its fruit and bark” she quotes. She survived for 5 days until a fisherman's boat picked her up and saved her. Other people have said things like this “it looked like niagara falls moving toward us”.

Created By
Pelin Gurmen


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