The Cupcake Foundry A beginner's coding 'clone' block project

Choose Blank Template

Select Blank Template

The stage will load with "Cody" the actor on it. Tap the rubbish bin to remove him, then choose "yes'.

Press "code" to enter the coding area.

Tap the stage icon and bring up the properties tab.

Enter the properties area and choose "add scene"

Choose "draw your own"

Now you can start creating the background for the cupcake foundry!

Fill the stage with your chosen colour using the paint bucket tool.

Choose the filled square shape.

Start to draw the path your cupcake clones will travel along.

Cover the joins using filled squares and use whatever tool you like to add quirky decorations!

Press the back arrow in the top left hand side to return to the properties window. Choose "save changes".

Tap the cross to close the properties window and return to the code/stage area

Press the plus sign in the top right hand corner to add a character to the stage.

Choose "draw your own" to get the cupcake icon. Choose it and then tap once on the stage to draw it. Then return using the back area as before. 'Save changes' etc.

Tap to add the cupcake icon to the stage.

Press the plus sign to add the final character, the monster. You will find him in the Scifi pack.

Scroll right to left until you find him.

When he is added to your stage he will be far too big!

Pinch in with your fingers to make him smaller.

He is facing the wrong way! So tap the pencil icon you see when he is selected and enter the "draw your own' window once more to flip him around.

Return to the properties window via the back arrow and "save changes".

So now we have finished decorating the stage and importing characters...

Time to code smash!

Try this stage code for a title and some music!

The "cloning" code that makes it all happen.

The code that puts our monster into his starting position! It is important to adjust these "x" and "y" co-ordinates to suit the background you have created.

Gliding your cloned cupcakes along their track using 7 glide blocks. Again fill in the "x" and "y" co-ordinates that make sense for your background.

The monster expresses himself with this code and travels to get the final cupcake!

Play with the background, characters, music and dialogue... Make this your own, this is just a starting point1

Create and have fun!

Cupcake Foundry was created by Shauna Kay

For Code Kids Workshop


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Created By
Shauna Kay

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