The Lynx in Mukluk (A Twisted Puss in Boots story)

The Lynx in Mukluk is a comedy story of Puss in Boots which will have Vikings and Valkyries ruled by a Warlord, instead of normal weak villagers with a king they must obey. The Vikings and Valkyries will invade other lands instead unlike the villages who cower in fear since they don't have any weapons.
The film will be animated because kids are much more attracted to colorful cartoon characters. We can have as many character and stories as we want and can combine them without making it complex in its visualization. Takes a lot of effort to create an animation. Needs skill to use the animation software.
I will do Animation since this will be a movie for children and it is proven that kids tend to like more colourful movies. This also involves a talking lynx so getting a lynx which would participate and be the main character would be very hard to get a hold on.
The story setting will be set in the late 15th century to the early 16th century. This will be when the Vikings and Valkyries really thrived in this story. There will be many mythical creatures in this movie too like Unicorns and Pegasus.
•Lynx in Mukluk •Kitten Roughpaws •The egg on Trump's Wall •Vikings •Valkyries • The golden goose *Vikings *Valkyries *Pegasus *Unicorns *Warlord. The Vikings will have tattered and ripped clothe made from the animals skins they hunted down and the Valkyries will have iron chest plates which will be crafted from blacksmiths. The Valkyries hair will be tied in a Braid and the men will have wild hair and a lovely beard.
Greenland and Iceland would be where the Vikings and Valkyries live in. They are very cold places especially Greenland where its all covered in snow. They won't be found easily though because they wont be on the ground but in the air on a mystical haven.
They would be living in Wooden Houses and Long Houses that will keep them warm is the winter and let out hot air in the summer. The wooden houses could fit an entire family and the long houses could fit in a whole bunch of families. In these houses, they travel and hunt in large groups to cover more space much faster than one single person. Once they come back from the hunt, the Valkyries will cook the catches for all the families in the house.
The Vikings and Valkyries would ride on Dragon ships or Long ships to cover a vast amount of land in the air. There would also be Carriages pulled by a pact wolves to get from one place to another in the town or city where there is snow and horse carriages where there is no snow or little to no snow. The Vikings travel to other faraway lands to take over territory of their enemies and aid their neighbours if they get invaded.
The Vikings along with Valkyries can eat all sorts of cooked meat along with bread with honey and fresh water. To get food they have to travel their ships to the land beneath and throw axes and spears to hunt down their prey. The lynx can eat anything his owner give him or whatever he catches by himself in the land below.
This is the bed of what the Lynx is Mukluk lives in. This bed was made for him by his owner. The materials used were flax and wood which were tied up with ropes, and as an addition he used sponges to make it comfy for the Lynx to sleep and lying on. It is very sturdy so you won't be able to break it just by throwing it around.


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