Baseline Testing Why guess, when you can measure!

We use state of the art technology to capture ball, bat, body, and ground force data. This allows us to identify current strengths as well as present opportunities to improve performance.

BPL Proprietary Biometric Testing

These measurements are the first step in providing the most accurate technical analysis and physical performance recommendations possible.

OnBaseU Movement Screen

The OnBaseU Screen along with K-Vest 3D Motion, explains how your body functions using the Body-Swing Connection.

TPI Power Testing

Once we see how your body moves, we want to see how much power you can produce and if your body is capable of handling it.

Comprehensive Swing Analysis

Our complete feedback loop includes:

  • Ground Reaction Forces and 3D Pressure Mapping with SwingCatalyst video software to measure kinetics.
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Capture to analyze the kinematic sequence and diagnose inefficiencies.
  • Diamond Kinetics bat sensor to measure bat delivery.
  • Rapsodo Launch Monitor to measure ball flight data.

For More Information/Booking

Micah Gibbs, Director of Player Performance
  • Booking: micah@thebpl.com
  • Cost: $400
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Micah Gibbs