Epiphany of Learning my "Ah-Ha Moment" in a preservice teaching course

Chapter 1: My Initial Thoughts

'Literacy in physical education?' It was this thought that puzzled my preconceived opinion regarding literacy. Through registration, I wondered what could I possibly learn from this course? Physical educators hardly use textbooks so how could one effectively work with the components of literacy?

Chapter 2: Continued Skepticism

In-class discussions, online assignments, and working through assigned reading still left me with the same questions I had at the beginning of the semester. The newly learned concept of literacy was still difficult for me to fully grasp - but I was determined to make the material relevant to physical education. I tried. Finally, my answer was clearly documented in an assigned reading.

Chapter 3: My "Ah-Ha Moment"

PE Utilizes Several Texts!
In "Broadening the Lens of Literacy in the Content Areas", Chapter 6, I quickly learned literacy and physical education are related. Texts in physical education come in many forms: equipment, demonstrations, playing fields, and task cards.

Chapter 4: What Can I do with this Epiphany?

For starters, it reassures my purpose as a physical educator. More importantly, I can use utilize these texts in a meaningful way for my future students; being able to manipulate and introduce several texts to my students offers engagement, curiosity, and an appreciation for knowledge acquisition.

Chapter 5: Final Thoughts

Literacy is an integral element of a content area. To succeed as educators, it is imperative that we identify, and use modern tools to enhance students' learning based on a literacy approach.


"Whether you teach math, science, reading, or yes, even physical education, there is one goal that is universal — we want all of our students to use literacy skills in our content area."

- Sara Daggett



Daggett, Sara. "Physical education and literacy — The odd couple or a match made in heaven?" Educator's Voice 3 (n.d.): 42-49. Web. 7 May 2017.

Wedwick, L., Seglem, R., & Percell, J. (2016). Broadening the lens of literacy in the content areas. Kendall Hunt.

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