Police are a group of people whose job is to enforce laws, help with emergencies, stop crimes and protect private property. The people who work as police are known as police officers or policemen. Police are trained in first aid and rescue, overall Police are the people who protect us from harm.


A police officer does everything from enforcing the law to preventing crimes, reaching out to the community and writing reports. But a Police officers duty depends on where they are located police that are located in big cities usually have specific jobs. Police officers that are located in more rural areas have a very low opportunity to do their job. Due to the lower crime rate and small population.


Police can be found anywhere because they are always patrolling the area, here are some specifics. Police station, park, area of a crime scene, patrolling the road, accidents, and in jail watching the criminals. You should usually be able to find police everywhere because their always patrolling the area looking for people who are breaking the law.

Police Station


To become a police officer you must pass many different exams and tests. Exams and test vary from physical test to hand written test. These tests are very difficult and hard, to be a police officer you need both mental education and physical education. After completing these tests you have all the rights to become a police officer.

Police Training Academy


Here are 3 reasons why some people decide to become police officers.

1. To save lives, every day.By being a police officer you'll probably save someone's life every day you come to work. Either pulling them out of a burning car or providing first aid. 2.Police officers job is never a routine every day there is a high chance that your next day of work will be completely different from the last. 3.Police officers are proud.Police officer are proud to have the opportunity to save lives and protect their city from harm.


How will I gain personal time with my leader?

To gain access with my leader I would try to contact them by sending them a letter or calling the police station asking if I could have a 1 on 1 interview with one of their officers.

Questions I would ask my leader if I ever met them.

1. What would you do if someone decided to give you attitude when you were speaking with them? 2. Is it true some Police Officers are racist to black males? 3. Do some Police Officers use there power in an abusive way? I want to know all these answers because there is lots of reports proving Police officers use their power to abuse people. If that is the reality i need to know.

I anticipate there answer will be something like this.

1. I would tell them to not talk to me like that and if they countinue I will press charges. 2. No, even if it was a white male every police would act the same in that specific situation. 3. Some police may use their power to its full potentional and some may use it when needed. But if we need to use it in an abusive way we will.

What happens if my leader is unwilling to meet me?

If my leader doesn't want to meet me I will try to find someone who has interviewed them before and ask them what questions they asked and what responses they have gotten.


In conclusion i would really like to get that chance to interview a police officer, in the near future. I really believe it would be a great experience to do so. And i will understand what they do much better then i do right now. Thank you for listening to my presentation on police.


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