The Harn Museum Simi Himatsingani

Medium: Since the original selfie I took with this photo had terrible lighting and my head covered the real art, I used this lovely picture of the top of my head and the piece. This is a Japanese woodblock print called Shoji by Sekino Jun’ichiro. I was amazed that this piece was on a piece of wood and not a canvas since the colors are so dainty and light looking. The process of creating a woodblock print is quite interesting. It takes lots of effort because different colors of stained wood are meant to fit like a puzzle to create the picture.
Design: I really liked how the museum decied to place Claude Monet’s Champ d’avione (Oat Field) on this light blue wall. I think it really brings out the soft colors he used and the attention he paid to light in his painting.
Here's another picture of the top of my head because of terrible selfie skills and lighting issues with Audrey Flack's beautiful polychrome and gilded plaster sculpture of Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters. This piece just reminded me of how great it is to be a woman. Her gold wings and clothing, upright posture and remarkable beauty just makes me feel proud strong about who I am. Being a woman, I feel that it is important to remind yourself of how strong you are because discrimination does exist and does affect people all over the world. This piece was in the Intra-Action exhibit and focused on lots of feminine ideals.
Good Life: This last picture is of me and 3 pictures of the famous Frida Kahlo hospitalized after her accident. These pieces are Frida in Bed by Bernice Kolko, Frida Sitting in the Door of Her Dining Room by Emmy Lou Packard, and Frida Kahlo at ABC Hospital, Fed by a Nurse by Juan Guzman. These three photographs reminded me of what the good life is really all about because even though Frida was in so much pain after her accident. She kept moving with her life and continued on with her artwork and things that she loved to do. I believe this helped her get through all the pain and suffering of her accident.


Simi Himatsingani

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