Domestic Violence 2016-2017 EXhibition project

Central idea: Domestic violence happens everywhere, including Louisville.

Action: (key concept : change)

We are creating a billboard to help people stop domestic violence. We are helping people become knowledgeable by sharing information about :

What is domestic violence, where it occurs, and why?

Solutions to break the cycle of abuse.

What is domestic violence?

Key concept: responsibility

  • What is domestic abuse??? (Key concept: causation) A type. Of cyclical abuse, hurt, harm violence
  • Mental such as mean words and look
  • Physical such as punching, hitting, and hurting

Where does it take place?

It takes place within the family, at home.

Why does it take place?

Domestic violence happens because the other person wants to control you, wants you to do what s/he wants you to do.

What are some solutions?

Key concept: causation

  • You can not keep it to yourself, you have to tell someone or it is not going to stop happening to you.
  • Tell a trusted adult, tell someone at school, tell a friend's mom or dad, tell some one on a hotline service, such as 1-800-4-A-CHILD
  • To get rid of the Domestic Violence you have to tell someone so they can help you stop it, you can't fix it by yourself.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE and it's NOT your fault.

Here are two websites to help you.

Tolerance - We were respectful to everyone in our group. We were listening to each other while one of us was talking. We were patient and waited our turn.

Committed- We are committed by doing our work when it gets hard. Also we keep trying even though we had short amount of time.

Cooperation - We were using cooperation when we were picking our IB attitudes and when we were working on the packet.

Resources used:

Lynsess, Darci. "How to handle abuse. " Kid's health: For kids. Nemours. September 2013. Web. 14/12/2016.

" Domestic Violence in Kentucky". NCADV. NCADV. 2015. Web. 14/12/2016. Ncadv.org.

  • Devan
  • Gene Grace
  • Haylee
  • Mokiya
  • ParRys

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