P : Spain's government is a constitutional monarchy. The King is must be elected. Also the King has absolute power and can exercise it. The King’s power can only be exercised within legal limitations. The King is now recognized as el presidente and is called the Prime minister. He appoints Vice Presidents to handle finance, foreign affairs, domestic administration and, so on.

E : The Euro was introduced to Spain in 2002. They adopted it like most other European countries to make traveling between countries easier. In Spain more than a third of kids are at risk to poverty. Spain's unemployment rate is 22.7%. It is expected to be at 18% by the end of the quarter in 2020.

R : The most common religion in Spain is Roman Catholicism. Younger Spaniards ignore their catholic teachings in morals sexuality and politics.Though Catholicism is the most practiced religion in Spain they have freedom of religion. Other practiced religions are Islam, Judaism, Protestantism and, Hinduism.

S : In Spain there is a sharp divide between the poor and the wealthy. In the 1980’s tourism boomed and so did the economy. The middle class grew very big. Then the 2008-2009 recession changed everything. By 2011 many people were unemployed. They were mostly young and were under the age of 25. This is still continuing today.

I : There are a few big industries in Spain. One of them is tourism. Another one is ship building. The biggest industry in Spain is automobiles. The industry sectors of Spain Contribute 27% of the nation's GDP. Spain’s service sector accounts for 70% of Spain’s total production.

A : There are many things to do in Spain. If you like amusement parks it may be the place for you. Wherever you go there is usually an amusement park nearby. Also Horseback Riding is a big sport in Spain. Going to races is a lot of fun. L'Hemisfèric in Valencia is an amazing place in Spain that is one of the most popular attractions in Spain. The L'Hemisfèric in Valencia is

Is a planetarium ride in IMAX that takes you on a virtual ride.


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