Now You See Me Yan Weidong

The aim of my project is to create visual representations of my explorations with the relationship between the stakeholders in art making

The 3As Concept

The main theme of my project is to explore the relationships between


Artist . Artwork. Audience.

Most of the time, the relationship in art is one-way.

For example, the Artist produces the Artwork and the Artwork will be displayed to the Audience.

However, the aim of my project is to explore how these three elements can be interrelated. And how I can present my artwork to show this relationship in an explicit way

What am I looking to achieve at the end of this journey?

Proposed Project

Four works on A1 size canvas, exploring with four different interpretations of reflection to show the theme of my project

Main Medium

  • Digital Art


  • Wacom Intuos 3
  • Photoshop CS6


  • Focus on the theme of reflection
  • Exploring different ways to infuse the element of reflections in my artwork

Current Ideas

  • Illustration of reflection
  • Apply layers of reflective material on top of the painting
  • Inserting a physical mirror in the final work
  • Interactive materials

Gathering and Investigating of Information

Art Exhibition!!!

I love going to art exhibitions, I spend hours in here. Marcus and Amos were constantly asking to move faster :P

Explore with different themes. Look at how artists express their ideas.

Focus on how other artist explore with the theme of Mirrors and Optical illusion

Pictures taken in art galleries

Exploration and Development of Ideas

Literature Review


  • MC Escher
  • Ron Gilad


  • Alberto Seveseo
  • Bram Vanhaeren
  • Yan Jun Cheng

Ron Gilad

Influence by his explorations with the use of mirrors

IV Mirrors by Ron Gilad

“In this series, ‘9 mirrors’, Gilad suggests that the mirrored image reflects only our exterior selves.

He is asking us to think about more complex reality, by showing many different possibilities.

This work inspires me that mirrors can be used in many creative and innovative to create visual experiences despite being merely a plane surface

MC. Escher

Maurits Cornelis Escher

Explored with different themes like lithography, tessellation, mathematical arts and reflections. He is famous for creating many impossible composition

I was influenced by his exploration with the theme of reflection. Escher specifically explored with how sphere with reflective surface reacts to its surrounding

Hand with Reflecting Sphere

This understanding and interpretation of this artwork help me clarify my thoughts on the theme of my project.


Medium: Digital Art

  • To keep up with the pace of the world
  • Online Replica
  • Great Medium

Alberto Seveso

Manipulation of photographs to infuse aesthetic elements, and create stunning visual images.

Bram Vanhaeren

Graphic illustration, put together by shapes and forms. Yet, with ex ordinary details even stuff like hair. Clear cut gradient.

Embraces and celebrates the popular culture around the world

Yan Jun Cheng

Use traditional digital painting techniques. With brush tool etc. I like how she express the mood and feminism of the portraits. Her style for painting also made me decide to start learning traditional painting methods.

Learning Site

Features 200+ videos to introduce every details of digital art to beginners

Tutorials that I went through

Colour mixing Practice

Layer Painting Practice


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