Sports Broadcasting what are the BENEFITS,school requirements, and salaries for sports broadcasting.

-Benefits of sports broad casting are well in my opinion its just a cool job. I mean you get to go to all the sports events for free well actually you basically get paid to do that. And if you wanted to you get to meet your favorite professional athletes. Also some announcers become famous them selves just for being good at what they do. And also the pay isn't all that bad either.

Vin Scully (My Favorite Announcer) with an old ball player.

Schooling Requirements- Well most sports announcers earn their bachelors degree in broadcasting, communications, or a closely-related field. So obviously 4 years of college and or more if you choose to do so. You can also complete an internship for training and also future references for jobs. And than from there you can advance with experience.

Why did i choose this topic- I chose this topic because I love sports. And well yea it would be amazing to become a professional athlete. But unfortunately the odds of that happening aren't exactly in your favor. So what's the next best thing I would say its being a sports announcer.

What I know so far about this topic- So far I know the amount of school that is needed, my personal opinions of the benefits, and the salary for this career.

Today I learned that originally sports announcing started by telegraph in 1890. To me this is really surprising because I never would have thought that they were able to do this type of thing over a century ago. I also learned that In the United States, national and local media both serve major roles in sports broadcasting. The research I have received has helped me to get a better understanding of how and when this type of thing started. 3/17/17

Today I learned about the certain type of social skills you need in order to be a great sports broadcaster. I learned that when announcing you actually use a script to read off of. Which I guess makes it a whole lot easier to do the job. 4/24/17

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