Volcanos By colin wechsler

What is a Volcano?

A volcano is an explosive landform that can be mostly formed by plate movement. When it erupts, hot magma, melted rock below Earth's crust, collects in a magma chamber under the ground. The magma gets compressed and flows up a vent during plate movement. The volcano then erupts and the once called magma becomes known as a substance called lava. It is the same thing, but is just above ground.

What do they look like? How do they work?

At first glance, a volcano may look like a mountain. Though mountains can be dangerous in their own ways, volcanoes can be devastating. They look the same, except these formations have magma within them that can explode at any time. Inside their magma chamber, the hot liquid rock builds up pressure for a long time. When it is ready to explode, the magma rushes up the vent, or a big pipe up the volcano and the magma will become lava as it explodes.

Where do they form?

Volcanos form along plate boundaries. They form in a similar way to mountains. They mostly form along the west coast because that is where a major plate boundary is. For example, one of the worst eruptions of all time happened in the west coast at Mount Saint Helens.

Are different eruption styles important?

Eruption styles can be very important. Different eruption styles can signal different types of volcanos. The four kinds are Cinder Cones, Composite Volcanos, Shield Volcanos, and Lava Domes. Different kinds of valcanos mean different sizes, different heights, and even different kinds of magma! Different eruptions styles can mean huge, or small eruptions, and can mean different lava coming out!


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