Happie's Learning Journal AGP: Digital Me Course

Mini Starter Project

Create a short video on your phone (or whatever is easiest for you to create video) to share with the wider community following this formula: What is your name? My name is….. Where are you from? I am from …. What does “Personal Brand” mean to you?

Week 1 Project

Take headshot photograph of someone else. If you can’t then a ‘selfie’ is acceptable. Once you are happy with your image, use Adobe Photoshop to enhance the image, retouch, resize and crop. Your image should be 404 x 404 pixels suitable for social media.

There were many challenges with this project. I am not a photographer, but I understand how some of it works.

I used my iPhone 7 in a hallway with neutral walls and an overhead light. The light was bouncing off the walls so had I to find a good spot without corners or distractions. It was a small space so my subject was against the wall which gave a hard shadow. I took the picture that the subject wanted. He wanted something that showed his personality, yet was mild.

I used Photoshop to mask out the subject from the background, remove the hard shadow, and change the background color. I then used a matching neutral color to remove the bouncing light, adjustment layers on the photo to decrease the light on the subjects face. I used another adjustment layer on the new colored background to add light in areas to match the original photo. I then save the PSD and the jpg.

Week 2 Project

Create a CV / Résumé that will stand out from the crowd and show potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer. You’ll incorporate your headshot.

I really liked this weeks assignment. I am very familiar with InDesign, but the challenge was in thinking about the content. It was also challenging trying to keep a professional design approach for a comic style artist. I wanted a professional look with a hint of the comic playfulness. I chose to achieve that in the font I used for the name. I kept everything else calm and professional by using colors from the image at different tints and adding a blue as my pop color. Blue is also the subject's favorite color. I feel the hint of playfulness in the image pose and the hint in the name title work well together.

This was another fun and challenging project and I loved it. :)

Week 3 Project - Logo for Social Media Profiles

Create your own personal brand logo and mock up headers for Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Logo creation is not easy. There is a long process of communicating, sketching, brainstorming/mind mapping/storyboarding that takes place before you touch the computer.

I use a project like this in my classroom where my student have to create logos and then design a stationery package to brand themselves.

Personal Logo - How this came about ... Well, my nickname is Happie. I feel like my life changed drastically when the three loves of my life were born. This is when I truly became Happie in 1997, 2000, and 2005 when I became a #mom. I had 2 boys (baby blue and one girl hot pink. These have been my favorite colors ever since. I also like to design with lines and shapes. I like the Noteworthy and Optima fonts a lot. All of these things helped me to create this logo that reflects me and my personality and my wonderful life of love with my precious family.
This is the design for my Facebook page.
This is the design for the YouTube Channel.
This is the design for the Twitter page.
This is the profile picture for all social media pages.

Week 4 Project - EPORTFOLIO

Build a Personal ePortfolio.

This week's assignment was fun and easy. It was easy thanks to the tools Adobe provides to make the portfolio building process stress-free. The challenge was picking out and preparing work to use in this project. This is a work in progress. I still have work to add, but I am happy with the ease of use of Adobe Spark.

Week 5 Project - Formal Assessment

The final stage of the course you will be creating an Adobe Spark Video offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio and a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined).

Wow! This was very challenging because I had to decide how I wanted to do this critique. I started off recording a video with Quicktime, only to find out after two full recordings that it was not recording sound.

I finally went with Adobe Spark, which is amazing. I chose to critique a former class's capstone project on the topic of PTSD.

I started the Spark process on my iPhone and then ended on my computer. You will hear a sound shift where I went back and forth. Lesson Learned. Using Spark video was a lot of fun and made the entire process much easier.

Week 5 -- Final - Reflection


​This was a great course. I loved every project and their diversity. I loved using the different software to complete each task. I loved the additional resources and projects that I get to use for my students. I loved building and adding to my own personal logo.

As an instructor, we build training and learning materials all the time for students. However, you don't get much time to work on your personal portfolios. I love that these courses on the exchange help us in that way. I am very skilled in all of these programs and still, I learn something new or gain a new resource from every course. There is something to get out of all of these courses regardless of your skill level.

I am thankful to Adobe for providing these courses for teachers/instructors.

It has been great getting to know other instructors and seeing your wonderful work in this course. Best of luck to you all and I hope to see you in future courses here on the exchange.

The End for now!


Photo by Andrea Batts-Latson

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