Purple Sunbird Beauty enclosed in Small package


When winter gives way to spring season, the dormant nature wakes up. Every plant and tree begin to bear new leaves. There is a riot of flowers and many of the birds come back to gorge on flower nectar and other insects which also visit the flowers and plants.

If you happen to be in some garden and near flowering bushes, you will hear calls of a bird but will have trouble to locate the bird itself. This bird is very small in size. It is due to its peculiar sounds it makes and its purple colour, you can locate it. In fact the purple colour is of males. It is even more difficult to pinpoint the females which are entirely different in colour. The bird is only 10 to 12 centimetres long. It has a long curved beak.

If it is not possible to get the nectar directly, they puncture the sepal near the nectar to reach the nectar. Although they predominantly survive on nectar of flowers, they can also eat insects particularly when the breeding season is on and requirements of food high.

Although they resemble hummingbirds but they reach for nectar after perching themselves unlike hummingbirds.

The bird is very agile and darts here and there from one flowery bush to another. Hence it is very difficult to take good photos with ordinary camera.

I have been able to capture the bird in many locations this season. Below are some photos of this bird.

Perched on the top of twig
In all its glory
On a twig of tree
Singing a song
Piercing a flower to reach nectar
From backside
Sitting on the wire
Female sunbird
Female sunbird
Reaching out for flowers
Hanging on a rope
Puncturing the shell of acacia seed


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Created by: Ranjit Singh. Email: rs7853@gmail.com

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Ranjit Singh

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