Tech Tuesday - Great Tech Tidbits Edition # 6 - 4/4/17

Hey everyone! Tech Tuesday - Great Tech Tidbits, Edition # 6.

Event this Thursday: Chicken Egg Autopsy @ Lincoln ES with Mr. Jeremy. Streamed from my YouTube Channel:

How to "stream" a live event from your YouTube Channel

Watch this video and learn how to setup your YouTube Channel and then start streaming events.

YouTube - Learn how to subscribe to a person's YouTube Channel.

A short video to learn how to subscribe to a person's YouTube Channel.

Second Notice! I just wanted everyone to still explore the New AI page I made:

New AI Start Page being tested: I manage an AI Start page that made it easier for K-2 students to start at certain websites when they use their Chromebooks. Since I have redesigned my BASD Website using the "New Google Sites", I've upgrade this AI page too. It can be accessed off the old AI Start page (which will remain active), but it will not become live until next year. Click below to see the old and new pages.

Old AI Start Page -________________- New AI Start Page

Just a reminder!

Reminder Again! Please use my new scheduling link here to contact me about integration technology with you and/or your class. Click the link, fill out some fields, pick a time, submit it! -

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