James Geddy Jr. By Matthew Jacobson

The compass was in Jamestown on the ship.


One tool that I found that was appealing was a compass. This compass was made of paper with a brass engravement on the edges. There is a glass frame protecting the paper from getting wet or ripped. This also was appealing to me because this compass could float. The purpose of the compass is for somebody to tell which direction they are going. The compasses origin is Arabic but out of Powhatan, the English, or the Africans I would say that it was more English because the Arabic and English traded together. My person perspective: I don't see compasses but I sometimes can make a silver engravment on the edges. The people on ships use compasses.

This picture was taken at the outdoor exhibit in Jamestown.

This was part of the outdoor exhibit. My person perspective: a lot of target practice for the soldiers goes on during the day.

This is at the coopers shop

There were many scraps on true floor meaning that there was a lot of work going on. My character James Getty jr. Would think that this is a dirty shop. We went in James Getty jr. House and it was very nice, it also had some fancy items considering he was in the middle class.

This is also at the coopers house

The workers hang all of the tool on the wall. The tools look like they were hung based on what type of tool they were, on the wall you can see that all of the saws are hanging together. My person perspective: I also like to keep my tools organized. It makes it much easier to find.

This is right outside the coopers house

This is a barrel. It was my favorite object in the shop because I found put that it was very useful and we got to take it apart then put it back together. A barrel was used to store goods inside and then ship the goods to the destination. Asides from barrels there was also wooden cups/jugs for sale. My person perspective: I don't use barrels but I know that they ship goods to the mother country and other places for trade.

I would pre-order any items that I want to buy because it takes time to make them.

The following photos are from James Geddy Jr. house

This is a photo of games that they played.

People that would visit: The owner of this house is James Geddy Jr. and he would have people from the middle/Gentry group of people. The people of the gentry class are people who were large landowners, very wealthy merchants, and financiers. The middle class people were blacksmithing, silversmithing, printing, and millinery. They worked as professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, or merchants who owned stores. The photo above is a picture of a game that they played in the late 1700s.

These are items that silversmiths could have made

This Cabnet above is showcasing items that a silversmith would make. Some items above are mirrors, cups and spoons. My favorite item was the watch because I notice how different the style is now versus then.

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