The Freedom Writers Diary MOvie vs. book

In The Freedom Writers Diary, one teacher is challenged to take on the students that other teachers just do not want to teach. There are many kids in her class that do not like Erin Gruwell on her first day. They all murmur and whisper to each other saying that she will only last a month. Little do they know that Mrs. Gruwell does not give up so easily. She works her way by telling the students to write in a diary, so they can all tell their own story. In the diaries each student has their own scary, mature, and secret life. To getting called to court for their friends murder investigation, to getting evicted from their own home. Noticing that each student was going through some type of hard ship she decided to get them interested in things they would like. She decided to get two side jobs to help pay for the things that she needed. First she started with a book that she felt that the class would relate to, second she raised enough money to get the class to go on a field trip and eat at the Marriott hotel that she works at part time. As the school year went on she began to grow on her students. They had a strong bond that they didnt want to be broken, Mrs. Gruwell asked to go with the students to their junior year of high school, but got denied. Later on she was called back in to see what they could do and she got her students for their junior and senior year.

In the book it has every entree of all 150 students, which was the best part of reading it for me, just by reading every different entree made me see what they went through and how every story was different. There are some parts that the students put so much detail in their entree that really puts an image in your head what they had to go through.

In the movie I feel like they should've said all of the diary entrees. The movie just would've been even better if it had most of the diary entrees in it. Also in the movie Mrs. Gruwell loses her husband to all of this while in the book it said nothing.

Some differences in the movie were that the movie seemed to just focus on Mrs. Gruwell while, in the book it really doesnt get to personal with her except for the students. In the book it focuses on every student while in the movie it only seems to show certain students. I think that the movie has a better way of showing how the students forgot about their differences and by writing in the diaries they all came together.

For me personally I like both the movie and the book, but if you would ask me which one I would choose over the other it would probably have to be the movie over the book. The movie just made me see what they had to go through.


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