10 Technology Tips By emma stanek

Troble number one pop up adds

This is nothing to worry about just hit ctrl f4 to close out of the add because it could start downloading malware as you click out of it.

Trouble number 2 "I don't know whats wrong with my computer"

One thing you cam do to help your computer from viruses or malware is to install a antivirus app. Here's an antivirus app that will give you information to help prevent a virus and protect your computer

Trouble number 3 it wont let me log in to my WiFi or do anything it normally can do

Make sure all plugs are plunged in in the right spot

Trouble number 4 it wont turn on

Make sure your batteries is not dead because that might not be not turning on because of it and its not that big of a deal so just make sure your battery is plugged in and it is charged.

Trouble number 5 ive tried all of these steps and its still not working

Yo can also check to see what a professional this it could be. You can get free tech support by most electronic company's you can also research what you think it could be in the website below.

Trouble number 6 my computer is really slow

One reason you computer is running really slow is because of malware i would run a device scan to make sure there is no virises on it and if it is then have the app delete the virises and make sure you set the app to idiomatically upadate

Trouble number 7 I think my compactor is hacked

If you think your computer is hacked change your passwords for apps make sure when you are choosing a new password that only you know what what your password is and make sure the password is at least 10 letters long and there not to difficulty to remember but they are different on all your apps so if they find one password you don't have to change all of them.

Trouble number 8 my printers not working

If your printer is not working i suggest making sure that its the right computer your trying to print off on and make sure its connected.

Trouble number 9 my phone dosent work

If your phones not working go to the store and ask them what they think could be wrong.

Trouble shooting number 10 my social media doesn't work

One thing you can do is make sure your passwords wornt hacked and make new passwords or new accounts

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