Cinco de Awesome Green Force Tactical

This Awesome was a wild and fun project. FXR chose a medical theme and the black/ red color scheme.

We had a great time building Cinco De Awesome.
We just cannot say enough great things about the original DeGaine Designs art and patch work from Rocky Mountain Patch and Supply.
Twin Unicorns Designs made the incredible custom Garry.
Twin Unicorns Designs also made the incredible shirts and Cinco de Awesome stickers.
All the holsters are Carbon Fiber EMT Red from All the soft loops are from NSR Tactical.
Why not crinkle paper AND glitter?
There were several glitter volume choices. Have Mercy got crinkle paper and no glitter. What's The Worst That Could Happen was two tablespoons of extra fine glitter. Maybe a little more than two.
Special Operations Equipment made these custom pouches specifically for this medical kit.
FXR included two sets of gloves (double glove anyone?), a sealed roll of duct tape, a decomp needle in a hard case, a compression bandage, chem lights, and NPA and single serving of lube, and a TQ.
Aleo Laser Works engraved each tag. The back has the owners' personal medical information should medics need it.
This is what you need to have with you. ~FXR
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us and our dream!

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