Dr. Avis Glaze A Biography By Hannah


Avis Glaze is an international leader in the field of Education. She has held many different positions in the field of education. Some of her positions include being a classroom teacher, Special Education teacher, Guidance Counselor, Secondary School Administrator, Superintendent of Schools in several school districts, Associate Director of Education with York Region District School Board and Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and she was an Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education. She is currently the President of Ed-Quest International Inc. She promotes education for all races, rich or poor internationally. She also helps with school and system improvement. She works towards leadership development and student achievement. She also develops students into strong human beings through the power of education.


Avis Glaze is a very intelligent woman. She has received two Masters Degrees of Education. One in Educational Administration and the second in Guidance and Counselling. She has also received a Doctorate in Education at the Ontario Institute For Studies In Education at the University of Toronto.


Avis Glaze has achieved many achievements including Honorary Doctorates from several Canadian Universities. She has also won more than 50 awards including Educator Of The Year Award, The Distinguished Educator Award, The 2001 YWCA Women Of Distinction Award and The Character Education Award. Did you know that Avis Glaze was the first k-12 educator to receive the Order Of Ontario for outstanding contribution to education?


One of Avis Glaze's hardest obstacle is traveling around the world trying to educate people that kids of all race and gender should be able to have proper education. This is a struggle because many people in the world still believe that only boys should receive education and girls should be at home doing the cooking and cleaning. People that are poor struggle to receive education because they do not have enough money to afford education. Avis tries to make governments and schools around the world understand that people of all races, cultures, gender and status should all have equal education.


Avis Glaze was born in Jamaica. At the age of 11 she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She got her first university degree from the University of West Indies. She immigrated to Canada and completed the rest of her education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.


Avis Glaze's goal is to ensure that all students achieve to the best of their abilities regardless of their race, gender or if they are poor or wealthy.


Avis Glaze contributes internationally and nationally by training teachers to be better educators and providing proper teaching methods so teachers can teach students of all race, culture or gender. She also helps governments set up good education systems. In 1991 Avis Glaze also served as a Commissioner on the Ontario Royal Commission On Learning. This means The Royal Commission On Learning wanted her advise to make education in Ontario better.


Avis Glaze is inspired by people who are generous. She also has empathy for people who are less fortunate and are willing to help people who live in poverty.


Avis Glaze is a inspiration to me because she is determined to make sure that all kids of all status, gender and race have proper education and that everyone develops to their highest abilities.


  • Did you know that Avis Glaze has been a Education Adviser to the governments of New Zealand, Ontario and Scotland. She has also worked with educators in over 50 countries including Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Lativia, Netherlands and New Zealand.


  1. What is one of Avis Glaze's career?
  2. Avis Glaze is the president of what company?
  3. What is Avis Glaze's goal?



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