1 to 1 become more human, become more effective

you will standout!

Everyday we all make choices - we have to choose which path to take.

It might not seem the most secure but when you really think about it, it will be obvious.

but sometimes we just can't see the wood for the trees and to share thoughts, doubts or ideas with someone else may help to identify the obvious.

Just you and me - 1 to 1

One to one coaching in areas that you may feel that you require motivation & guidance. Having a conversation and fun helps the problem solving process. Prices start at £78 per session

Prices include VAT but must be confirmed by proposal

For more information contact Tim on 07855 766 954 or tim@becomegood.co.uk

Live as if you are to die tomorrow and learn as if you are to live forever. (mahatma ghandi)


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