Should we take more action in the growing snow goose population in North America. By: Luke Truscott

The snow goose population is growing very rapidly in North America. They are causing much harm to all the ecosystems across the United States and Canada. Not only are the snow geese hurting other animals lifestyles and ecosystems, but they are hurting us as people. Snow geese are destroying farmers farmland, wildlife refuge's, coastal arctic tundras, marshland, and many other habitats in North America. This makes the question come up if we should take more action in the growing snow goose population in North America.

Every year snow geese make their migration from the arctic coastal tundras up north all the way to the most southern parts of the United States. On their way down they leave a path of destruction every where they go. Whether it is leaving a farmer's field rooted up and destroyed for the next growing season in the midwest, to leaving a saltwater marsh destroyed on the coast. Wherever they go you knew they were there, and you know for years after because their damage will stay. If nothing is done soon the effects will get worse and worse, and we will lose valuable land, and also many ecosystems will be destroyed. If us as people don’t take action we will lose many valuable ecosystems and also habitat. Some may say they aren’t affecting that much, or from what they can see. But if you actually go where the geese have been you can see that the geese have rooted plants up and made clear ponds and lakes to brown sewer like water ways.

As the snow goose population grows larger by the year and more snow geese are born then ones that die. It becomes a major problem for more than just us and other animal species. This also becomes a problem for the snow geese themselves. As their population grows more and more the species as a whole needs more food, more habitat, and more space. This creates many problems because no place can take in and support the population growth. What will start happening is the snow geese will start dieing because of lack of food and loss of habitat. Once this starts happening it will continue happening until the ecosystems will be able to support the snow geese again. This process can take a long time and will repeat itself until for as long as there are snow geese.This whole cycle could be avoided if we put more work into controlling the population and keeping everything equal. Some people say that the snow geese can just find more food in new areas, but they are wrong. The snow goose population is at levels that they eat all the food their is in an area and then leave to find more. If there's snow everywhere north of the snow geese and the snow geese are as far south as they will go and the food is all used up, the geese have no other options to resource to.

Throughout North America, and in every flyway, people are taking action and hunting snow geese. They hunt snow geese for many different reasons. Some people hunt snow geese for food, some for a job(guide service), some for conservation efforts, and others who want to make the population equal. Whatever reason they hunt them for, all snow goose hunters know the population is out of control. The FWS has put new rules out to make the birds easier to hunt, and also extended the hunting season. But the birds are still very hard to hunt, and every year not enough are killed to make any kind of impact needed. The question is starting to come up if all bag limits should be taken off the birds, even more extended hunting dates(for certain areas), and if bigger organisations should start to get involved. There are already rules in place like electronic calls, extra shots in your firearm, and also electronic decoys. The thing is this still isn’t enough to be able to control the population. If nothing more is done things will happen that I talked about in my last two paragraphs. Some people say that it is not fair to the geese with people having the much better advantage to hunt them. If nothing is done to the goose population now there's an even greater risk of the geese dying down the line from now.

It should be clear to you that we must take more action into the grow snow goose population and soon. If more action is not taken soon then we will lose habitat, resources, and also maybe even the snow geese themselves. Conservation and hunting efforts have helped the population, but not near what needs to happen to keep the population stable. At this moment and time the snow geese are destroying habitat and making waste wherever they go. By putting new hunting rules into snow goose hunting it has helped, but if we want to control the population their needs to be more effort into controlling the growing snow goose population.


Fast, loud

Flying, honking, eating

Flying through the air defying gravity.



Good, helpful

Saving, keeping, helping

Caring for the future.


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