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The Source

All energy used here on Earth has come from the Sun in one way or another. We've proven that we can convert much of that stored energy into usable fuel to drive just about everything we use on the planet. But in our efforts to make life easier, we've also created problems in the form of pollutions of various kinds, some of which are more than nuisances—they jeopardize life itself.

ZPower exists to solve those problems and create a healthier, cleaner more robust environment, while producing energy from its primary source—the SUN. Harnessing the non-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, electricity can be produced any time—day or night—in any weather condition, anywhere on Mother Earth.

Thus, ZPower, provides the elemental tool—electricity—to convert developing nations into developed, industrialized economies that productively contribute to global stability, and unlock the vast potential of human ingenuity, innovation and creativity.

ZPower taps directly into the source of all energy, and that changes everything!


Where Are We Now?

The plexiglass enclosure, containing mostly air, shows there are no hidden batteries driving the unit.

ZPower has produced dozens of prototypes (producing 100 watts to 400 kilowatts of energy), and we have working models that easily demonstrate our technological breakthrough, and show that there are no hidden power sources driving them. Viewing our demonstration model producing several hundred watts of power for hours staggers the imagination.


Technology Demonstration


Moving forward:

We've completed the Seed Money phase confirming the practicality of our theories, and we have completed our Angel phase from which prototypes and working demonstrations models easily show how we have harnessed the sun's energy in a revolutionary way. We're ready to complete our 50 Kilowatt Power Block (size of 4-foot cube). This is the building block upon which we will build our flagship product: the 1 Megawatt Power Plant (size of 20-foot container).

Testing by independent labs and certification by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) will be completed shortly, verifying the breakthrough nature of this energy generation method; and that all life, health and safety issues are verified for benign electricity generation.


Where Are We Headed?

1 Megawatt Power Plant

Conceptual 1 Megawatt Power Plant (size of a 20 foot container)


ZPower's flagship product is a 1 Megawatt (MW) Power Plant. This unit will be housed in a custom-made 20 foot cargo container, and will contain twenty 50 KW Power Blocks working together to produce one million watts of electricity. The ZPower 1 MW Power Plants delivers sufficient power for two hundred homes.

Representation of a 20 foot container size 1 Megawatt Power Plant. There are 20 (10 on each side) of the 50 Kilowatt Power Blocks in each 1 MW Power Plant.

This major advancement is not as big an undertaking as one might think. Our existing models and demonstration units confirm the practicality of the 1 MW Power Plant - it's just a matter of completion. Hiring the necessary experts in certain fields is critical to this phase, and those individuals are already known and committed to the project.

Here's what we envision will be undertaken in this phase:

  • Setup Laboratory
  • Develop the 50 KW Power Blocks followed by the 1 MW Power Plant
  • Full UL and ETL certification
  • Global IP Protection
  • Testing of the 1 MW Power Plants in Utility setting
  • Pilot Manufacturing

Since it is estimated that the 1 MW Power Plant will be ready for small scale manufacturing in several months, this opens the doors to our next phase: Proliferation.


The Future: Global Proliferation

Once 1 MW Power Plants are available for demonstration, the world will "beat a path to our door."

ZPower has received strong interest in large Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) using our clean and constant energy. Once executed, these PPAs are monetized for the necessary funds to build the required number of 1MW Power Plants for each project.

Global Proliferation

Every country is either interested in augmenting their access to inexpensive energy sources or they desire a greener approach to energy production. ZPower is the only alternative that can adequately meet the need economically without a huge sacrifice of resource.

Solar is popular, but present solar farms occupy massive areas, are vulnerable to weather and disruptive conditions, and only operate a few hours each day.

Wouldn't it be a revolutionary step forward if the sun could be harnessed 24 hours a day? ZPower does that, and without covering the landscape with panels.

Hundred of Acres Disfigured by Traditional Photovoltaic Solar Panels. Result: Adverse Environmental Impact

The photo below shows the Mira Loma California Edison/Tesla battery facility. Presently, it's the largest battery facility of its kind in the world. It stores 80 megawatts of backup power. On the same acreage, a ZPower Energy Farm could produce 300 megawatts of power on demand, and not merely store it. Plus the capital outlay would be equivalent.

Mira Loma Substation, containing battery storage banks to deliver power when demand outstrips availability.


Game Changer

The ZPower approach is fundamentally different than most green energy solutions. We believe the production of energy should be as close to the area of need as possible. The Substation level is our envisioned "sweet spot." By focusing on local electricity production, the expense of the grid is nearly eliminated and it's vulnerability drastically reduced. However, in lieu of that, we may have to accommodate the needs of a country or utility company through large Energy Farms to tie into their existing grids. In either case, we have the solution.

Illustration of Electric Utility Substation with 10 of our 2 MW Power Plants, sufficient to power 5,000 homes.

We work with the existing Electric Utility infrastructure, rather than challenge it

By working hand in hand with utility companies, we can assist them meet their ever-increasing energy needs, lower costs to the consumer, and do so with a pollution-free process that has absolutely no carbon footprint. We also contribute to the local economies by setting up assembly factories that provide employment opportunities, thus liberating human potential.

Everything we do is to provide ABUNDANT ENERGY TO PEOPLE

Clean · Affordable · Constant


To participate with ZPower, please contact:

Reed Huish, President

Email: reed.huish@zpower.com