How We Harness the Sun Our Solar Panels Produce Electricity Constantly - DAY and NIGHT

Our Sun - the Source of Energy

1 hour of energy from our sun = 1 year of power for the entire world

All energy we use on earth comes from the Sun - directly or indirectly.

If our sun is shining 24 hours a day, why do solar panels only work 5 hours a day?

The sun is constantly producing substantial infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma and cosmic rays.

How ZPower Energy Panels Work

ZPower scientists discovered the secret to extracting the sun’s constant energy by receiving the other energy forms (the non-visible energy) from our sun. Hence, ZPower's energy panels produce electricity all the time - day or night - in any weather condition, indoors or outdoors.

ZPower Energy Panels work at Night and Day - Continual 24 hours / day electricity generation

  • Constant Clean Energy
  • Baseload Solar Power
  • Clean • Affordable • Constant energy

ZPower Technology Development

1-foot square energy panel, producing over 500 watts of electricity

ZPower developed dozens of prototypes, generating from 100 watts to 400 kilowatts of electricity. Our research consists of an investment of $5 million over 20 years.

ZPower Technology Demonstration

We can show a technology proof of concept model, producing over 500 watts of electricity. Our model has been shown to dozens of university professors, engineers, PhD scientists and businessmen.

Demonstrations Testimonials

Our Flagship Product - 1MW Power Plant

We're ready to complete our 50 Kilowatt (KW) Power Block (size of 4-foot cube). This is the 'building block' to complete our flagship product: the ZPower 1 Megawatt (1MW) Power Plant.

This 1MW Power Plant will be housed in a custom 20-foot container, containing twenty of the 50 KW Power Blocks working together to produce one million watts of electricity. The ZPower 1MW Power Plant delivers enough electricity for 200-500 homes.

ZPower 1MW Power Plant. There are 20 of the 50 Kilowatt Power Blocks in each 1MW Power Plant.
Illustrative ZPower 1MW Power Plant (size of a 20-foot container)

This major advancement is not as big an undertaking as one might think. Our existing models and demonstration units confirm the practicality of the 1MW Power Plant - it's just a matter of development and completion. Hiring the necessary experts in certain fields is critical to this phase, and those individuals are already known and committed to the project.

Illustrative ZPower 2MW Power Plants installed at a Utility Substation (20 megawatts total)

Local then Global Proliferation

Once 1 MW Power Plants are available for demonstration, the world will "beat a path to our door." Discussions with Utility companies in the USA, India and Europe have shown interest of over 10,000 Megawatts of electricity delivery orders.

ZPower has received strong interest in large Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) using our clean and constant energy. This is the requested power for Utility companies - clean and constant "baseload" electricity.

Every country is either interested in augmenting their access to inexpensive energy sources or they desire a greener approach to energy production. ZPower is the only alternative that can adequately meet the need economically without a huge sacrifice of resources.

A Game Changer for Electric Generation

The ZPower approach is fundamentally different than most green energy solutions. We believe the production of energy should be as close to the area of need as possible. The Substation level is our envisioned "sweet spot." By focusing on local electricity production, the expense of the grid is nearly eliminated and it's vulnerability drastically reduced. However, in lieu of that, we may have to accommodate the needs of a country or utility company through large Energy Farms to tie into their existing grids. In either case, we have the solution.

Illustration of Utility Substation with 10 of our 2MW Power Plants, sufficient to power 3,000-10,000 homes.

We work with the existing Electric Utility infrastructure, rather than challenge it

By working hand in hand with utility companies, we can assist them meet their ever-increasing energy needs, lower costs to the consumer, and do so with a pollution-free process with no carbon footprint.

Everything we do is to provide ABUNDANT ENERGY to PEOPLE

Clean · Affordable · Constant

ZPower Corporation · Scottsdale, Arizona, USA and London, UK

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