February-Area 17 DISCOVERY

February.....Famous for love and pancakes
.....and you cheeky cherubs have certainly been shooting cupids arrow into the hearts of our customers-dishing up a stack of Discovery sessions sprinkled with sugar and maple syrup
Over at ANGEL the team have been living up to their name spreading their wings and guiding their customers into the world of technology
Jeanne helped Jackie who had recently suffered from a stroke and had only just came out of hospital, making her experience as easy as possible. Initially Jackie was mainly concerned with her contacts being switched over but as the conversation flowed Jeanne aided with the installation of whatsapp, viber and a travel app at the same time as ensuring the phone was fully pumped with juice so Jackie was all set when she stepped out the store-Thankyou Jeanne for your care and commitment
Here we have Amjad with Margerita who needed some help around the application Tango-not familiar with this app, Amjad and Margerita had a learning experience together and being the gentleman he is, Amjad ensured Margerita's phone was fully protected but affixing a screen guard before she left-Thank you Amjad
Wonderful Wiktor at CANNON ST wowed the ladies with his knowledge of My3...here is his incredible story
Customer upgraded her contract a week ago and being happy with customer service and with Three network itself, she decided to recommend us to her friend. They came to the store together, while Luciana was helping her friend to set up new contract, it turned out that she didn’t quite know how to check her allowance and managed her Three account. We offered her an instant Discovery Session which I was happy to conduct. We started off with trying to install Three app on her phone, although because her Play Store region preferences was set for Italy we weren’t able to do so. I have updated the settings, so within couple of hours she will have an access to UK store. In the meantime I used my phone, which happens to be exact same model as hers, to present Three app. Customer learnt how to check the remaining allowances on her account and go through particular bills to see what is her exact usage. We also got through additional functionalities of the app, including changing date of payment, removing adult content filter and setting up password for WiFi in London Underground. She was delighted with thorough explanation and customer service she received from us in general and in during her Discovery Session... I've heard a rumour Wiktor is now learning Italian ;) Thank you Wiktor
CANNON ST have been mighty busy with Discovery this month and Dorina delighted this customer with the support she showed whilst exploring this ladies jump from old skool Nokia to a new fangled technological Samsung.....in fact she did such an amazing job she was treated to chocolates and Prosecco! Thank you Dorina
HSK have lined up repeat business and Hans led the way with delivering this.....
Mr Ivar have booked 4 discovery sessions with Hans. First session was on Facebook and how to navigate around. Second session was on Whatsapp, how to make calls and send photos; and today he's come in to learn about Google searching. He's a loyal customer of HSK and we can't wait to have more Discovery sessions! Thank you Hans...I may book myself onto a course as you seem to be an expert!
In fact HSK got some Discovery love from those cheeky chappies Alan and Lee around the intriguing app for all ages Hopscotch....and Lee shared his expertise on Wuntu & MY3 at EAST team meeting....Thank you guys for your support
They obviously did a great job as Team EAST were so excited about Wuntu they couldn't wait to tell their customers....
These lovely ladies came into store with a query regarding their account. Upon approach Antonio realised they had hearing difficulties and went about providing the accessibility access for them to get into contact with customer service. In addition we showed the new Wuntu app and all the promos it had and they were thrilled to see how it worked and what offers they could get their hands on! Thank you Antonio & Team East
Despite being the located on the busiest street in Europe OXFORD ST EAST got so excited about My3 & WUNTU they wanted to teach everyone!
Rajas, Levi, Andrae and Nelia leading the way with their technical expertise supporting those customers who were intrigued to discover more about their new gadgets and the benefits My3 would mean to them...saving them time and future trips to trek across London in the freezing cold....however if they feel the need at least they have wifi on the underground now to make the journey more comfortable! Thank you Rajas, Levi, Andrae & Nelia
Charming Casanova Abdul at COVENT GARDEN offered a Valentine's Discovery session for Prue-she was having problems using the wifi. Being the gentleman he is, Abdul updated her My3 app and set up wifi on the underground assuring her she would know how to use her phone properly before she left. Abdul also added some sparkle by installing the Wuntu app and showed her the discounts and promos it offered which made her day even better! Thank you Abdul
Abdul did such an outstanding job, Prue gave him a raving review on google....best loved brand calling!
Speaking of Best Loved Brand I had the pleasure of spending the day with the Discovery team and what was incredible to see was the amount of people who came in after a recommendation from family and friends who had promoted this exclusive service and the delight in their faces upon learning something new....I managed to catch up with Lee (manager of Discovery Islington) about the direction Discovery is taking in 2017 and how retail can support this
I joined Discovery because I enjoy delivering training and talking to people and the element of exploring and being creative, my most memorable sessions are disability/accessibility in school. Discovery is expanding more and more sessions and in store Discovery has improved a lot within LNI. We need to make it grow by helping more of a variety of customers and staff. 40-50% of the time we get repeat business off the back of the sessions and 25-30% of those who attend are not even on the 3 network but recommended by family and friends.
Now as we move into March let's continue to seek out new ways of supporting our customer growth...you heard it from Lee there's repeat business and the word is spreading-let's grasp this and bring Discovery to life within store
Just a reminder as to what sessions are avaliable


See you in March!


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