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Can We Call Tom Brady “The GOAT"

By: Jaden Ellison

People either love him or hate him. We all know he's good, but many don't like to admit the truth: Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) of the National Football League (NFL).

A 24 year old Tom Brady wins his first super bowl, and then was the youngest quarter back to win a Super Bowl

His records speak for themselves. He is the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl at age 41, also one of the youngest players to win a Super Bowl at age 24. Brady has the most passing yards in a Super Bowl, and the most wins in the regular season and postseason. He has the 2nd highest passer rating in a season. He is 4th all time in passing yards, and has the 3rd most touchdowns throws and he has the most touchdown throws including the playoffs. Brady has 3 league MVP’s, a career 97.6 passer rating which is 4th all time, and also has a 3.02 touchdown to interception ratio for his career good enough for 3rd all time. No other athlete in the NFL is even close to the talent he has. These are just a few of his career achievments.

Tom Brady Celebrates after touchdown in Super Bowl

Everyone that isn't in New England hates him, and says he is terrible. Why, let’s just say they say he “Wins too much” because they aren’t us. He might have the most Super Bowls out of any NFL player and more Super Bowls than most NFL teams have. It's safe to say he is also the winningest player of all time too. Kurt Warner, NFL Quarterback 1998-2009 and Hall Of Famer, said this about Brady. “Now, they ask him to do anything and everything. Sometimes, he has to throw it 50 times. Sometimes, he just has to make that one drive. He’s just so in command now of whatever they ask him to do. He can win and carry you with his right arm. He was not that guy early in his career, as most young guys aren’t. But now, he’s as good as anybody.” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said this about Tom Brady being the GOAT. “He’s already the greatest quarterback of all time, and a sixth title leaves no relative comparison.”

Everyone in the NFL has respect for him. Brady has come a long way since being the 2nd to last pick when he was drafted by the Patriots as backup quarterback to become one of the best athletes in all of sports history. He has surpassed so many records which I believe are unbreakable. How can he not be the G.O.A.T with all of these achievements?

Tom Brady celebrates after he wins his 6th Super Bowl 13-3 against the Los Angeles Rams.

NBA Playoffs 2019 Round 1: Celtics Vs Pacers

By: Jaden Ellison

In round 1 of the 2019 NBA playoffs the Boston Celtics took on the Indiana Pacers. It was a mostly one sided affair as the Celtics swept them 4-0. All the games were close, but the Celtics won every game.

Game 1

Opening game of the series at TD Garden in Boston. Everyone was wondering will Boston show consistency, or would they slump? Celtics and Pacers were neck and neck in the first quarter. Then in the second quarter the Pacers started to open a lead and pull away. The game was very low scoring and the Boston crowd was dead silent. But then in the second half it was a completely different game as the Pacers went 9 minutes without a field goal which is one of the longest times a team has gone without a field goal in the playoffs. Because of that, the Celtics went on a 26-8 run which gave the Celtics the lead. Then by the end of the third quarter the Celtics were winning 64-53. Celtics just showed to be the superior team. They only scored 84 points but won 84-74. Kyrie Irving had 20 points and 7 assists and Marcus Morris had 20 points and 7 rebounds.

Game 2

Celtics came into game 2 with a 1-0 series lead seeing if they could win game 2, to take a commanding 2-0 lead. The Pacers came into the game looking to steal this game and tie the series. The first quarter was again neck and neck with the Pacers up 33-29 at the end first quarter. But at the end of the second quarter the Celtics come on top. Then the Pacers took a 72- 60 lead in the third, and it looked like they could win this game. But then the Celtics went on a 14-0 run as Jayson Tatum gave the Celtics momentum as they took the lead 74-72. The score was 91-89 in the fourth when Jaylen Brown attacked the basket, but then kicked it out to Jayson Tatum who was open as he knocked down the three. Then with 12 seconds left the Pacers were inbounding the ball, the score was 94-91 Celtics, with Wesley Matthews was inbounding the ball. He threw it to Bojan Bogdanovic but the ball went right over his head out of bounds. This gave the Celtics the ball, but because of that play the Celtics won the game 99-91. Kyrie Irving had 37 points 7 assists, and Jayson Tatum had 26 points 4 rebounds, and for the Pacers Bojan Bogdanovic had 23 points 8 rebounds. Celtics took 2-0 lead.

Game 3

As game 2 came down to the wire the Celtics pulled away and took a 2-0 series lead. The Pacers desperately needed to win this game and turn the series around, but the Celtics were looking to win this game and put the series in the bag. But at least for Indiana this game was at home for them with the Celtics on the road. This season the Celtics went 21-20 on the road. Jaylen Brown started the first quarter off hot, and scored 11 points going 4-4 from the field. Also for the Celtics they broke their record for most points in a first quarter in a playoff game with 41 points, and that gave them the lead at the end of the first 41-28. However in the second quarter the Pacers came right back into the game and took the lead at the half 61-59. In the third the Celtics went on a run to end the quarter and take the lead 80-73. The game was close until 2 minutes left as the Celtics pulled away with it and the Celtics took a huge 3-0 lead in the series. The Pacers in this series are just making mental mistakes which has caused them to lose all these games.

Game 4

The Celtics were up 3-0 in the series looking to finish off the series and advance to the 2nd round. While the Pacers were looking just to win a game in this series. Also no NBA team has ever lost while being up 3-0, teams have gone 132-0 while being up 3-0. At the end of the first the Pacers were up 23-21. All the games in this series were very close, but down the stretch the Pacers just couldn’t get it together without their star Victor Oladipo. Then in the second quarter the game is close, but with 2 minutes left in the second Myles Turner posterized Gordon Hayward. At half the Pacers were ahed 49-47. The Pacers are looking like they were going to open a lead in the third, but the Celtics come right back and took the lead at the end of the third 73-72. In the fourth the game is going back and forth. In the middle of the forth the Celtics were starting to take a bit of a lead and opened the lead to 10, but the Pacers couldn’t come back and the Celtics sweeped the Pacers. The Celtics showed that they are a different team in the playoffs, because no one would have had the Celtics sweep the Pacers. The Celtics will take on the 1 seed Milwaukee Bucks. Will they be able to beat them?

Kyrie Irving (11) talks to injured Pacers player Victor Oladipo after Celtics sweep the Pacers.

Kyrie Irving (11) high fives Jayson Tatum (0) after game 2 win over Indiana Pacers

Damian Lillard crazy shot to send the Blazers to the second round

By: Jailen Butler

Did you see Damian Lillard’s Series game winner against OKC to finish the series

Russell Westbrook drives to the basket and takes a layup which would have gave them the lead 117-115. He missed the layup and DAmian Lillard gets the rebound, and Damian Lillard, #0 on the Portland Trail Blazers, if Lillard makes the shot the series is over and Blazers move on to the 2nd round.

The Playoffs,the playoffs lead to the Champions and Damian lillard clutched up with a fade away 3 point shot to win the series over Paul George who after the game said ¨I don´t care what you say that was a bad shot.¨ In the Portland Trail Blazers NBA arena in Oregon.4/23/19 on a Tuesday. It matters because it’s the playoffs and it’s very exciting as it gets down to the final 4 teams and really intense.

Damian Lillard (0) and his teammates celebrate after he make the shot to win the game


Damian Lillard takes shot with 1.6 seconds left to win the game

Russell Wilson being the highest paid player in NFL QB history

By: Pasquale Decicco

Russell Wilson’s contract got resigned for four more years. He is getting payed 140$ million dollars. Russell Wilson is the highest paid Quarterback in the NFL. Here is a Twitter Quote from Russell Wilson “Blessed to be w/ this organization for 4 more years! Can't wait to get on field w/ the fellas!”. Russell Wilson has been to the Super Bowl 2 times and he has won one of them and lost the other Super Bowl to the Patriots. Russell Wilson’s team is happy that his contract got resigned. Russell Wilson beat the record for most money paid in the NFL.

When he got resigned it was very good to the Seahawks because Russell Wilson plays a big part in there team. He was one of the reasons why they won that Super Bowl. Russell Wilson is 30 years old. He made 35 touchdowns in 2018, he made 34 touchdowns in 20.17. That is a one touchdown difference. Russell Wilson’s paycheck is hurting the organization because he is the most paid NFL.

Russell Wilson entering the Pro Bowl

Russell Wilson after he wins his first and so far only Super Bowl.

Lacrosse New Season New Oppertunities

By Pasquale Decicco

2019 MLL (Major Lacrosse League) stars Friday, May 31, 2019. The first Lacrosse game is the Denver Outlaws vs. New York Lizards. The second game is The Boston Cannons vs New York Lizards.

The photo that I inserted is the logo of the New York Lizards. They are a really good team because they have someone named Paul Rabil. He is number 99, he broke the world's fastest lacrosse shot in 2009 and it was 111 mph.The Boston Cannons are very good also. They had Paul Rabil but then they traded him to the New York Lizards. This is a sign of the Boston Cannons. This game will happen on June 1, 2019. The last time they played the score was 13-14 and the New York Lizards won.

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