Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This picture of the dollar with a dash lined at the two-thirds mark of a dollar caught my attention because I liked the symbolism it displayed. The reading says "Women in America only earn 2/3 of what men do. Women artists earn only 1/3 of what men artists do." The fact that the artist used a dollar and put a line through it made actually think because it shows that women are not getting paid the same amount as men. The quote also shocked me even more because it is shocking to believe that women in the world are still being considered lesser value than men in the economic and political category. This picture communicated with me by showing that this dilemma still goes in today's society despite the fact that women fought for so much change in the past, yet they are still valued less then men. This artwork did not upset, but instead made me feel open minded about the things that are still going on this generation, and that I should be aware of it, because I never thought about how much less women get paid then men.

Design of the Museum

David A. Cofrin Art Wing

I liked this exhibit ,David A. Cofrin Art Wing, mainly because of the scenery on the outside. The room was very spacious compared to other exhibits, since most of the art structures were to the side of the room, but the lighting had something very unique to it. Even though the standard lighting of the room seemed normal to me, the fact that it had windows made the lighting so much better because it gave the room a sense nature. Also the scenery outside of the room was beautiful, because when I walked inside of the room, the first thing that caught my attention was the window and outside the window was a nature rich garden with a small pond in the center. I was very astonished to seeing the bright colors and mother nature when I first walked through the doors of the wing. I believe having that type of scenery at the wing made my experience so much better because able to to experience to types of art, human's art and nature's art.

Art and Core Values

One picture that appeals to my core value is one above with this African in a specific cultural clothing dancing in front of of his/her natives. It reflects my core value that everything is appreciated. I believe that no one should be discriminated by of their ethnic or cultural background, and that all types of cultures should honored and respected. This picture gave me a better understanding of my core values because it made me realize that even though there are so many different types of cultures around the world, they are all part of human history and our life style. Additionally, it made me see that without culture, there would barely be a spread of ideas and diversity around the world, which would eventually lead to conformity. This artwork instilled in me the sense of understanding things that are different. Usually people reject and avoid whats different, but seeing this picture made me realize to accept whats different, respect and appreciate it as well. Overall, this picture helped my cherish all cultures and understand that seeing things from different points of views, especially cultures will help you have a clearer image of life as an whole.

Art and the Good Life

This nude photograph by Ruth Benhard Coney's the good life theme of embodying the good life because it reflects on the physical appearance of our bodies. In this picture , the lady is naked but covering certain parts of her body, which could show a type of insecurity, such as not being satisfied with her body or shy. This can tie right back in with the embodying the good life module because this can relate to some women who feel insecure about their body due to our society's high level of expectations. This adds more of an understanding to me because it shows me that everything should be valued, no matter the characteristic. Relating back to the embodying of the good life module, there were was a certain "quota" in physical appearance to be accepted in society, so seeing this picture reminds be how everything has value and should not be treated less than another. Looking at the naked lady covering with her body with her face gives me the impression that she is not accepted and feels insecure about how she looks. Now I realized that the human body is an art, no matter the size, color, or texture. A different characteristic of the body is a sense of uniqueness in my perception.

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