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Featured this week:

  • Colorado: Mrs. Kiddoo's 1st Grade Class.
  • Colorado: 3rd Graders in Mrs. Eserhaut's PE Class.
  • Colorado: Mrs. Truitt's 5th Grade Class.
  • Franklin: All School Self-portrait Mural created in Ms. Holder's Art Classes.
  • Franklin: Ms. Van Hemert's 4th Grade Class.
  • Grant: Miss Dindinger's Begindergarten Class.
  • Jefferson: 5th Grade Students.
  • Madison: Mrs. Skidmore's Kindergarten Class.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Steele's 5th Grade Class.
  • Middle School (District-Wide): Agriculture Students.
  • MHS: Mrs. Phillips' ELL students.
  • MHS: Mrs. Walker's English/Language Arts Class.
  • MHS: Ag Students - Honey Harvest!
  • MHS: Mrs. Joslyn's AP Physics Class.
  • MHS: Muskie Football!


Mrs. Kiddoo's first graders are learning reading strategies through small group instruction and complete word work as a part of their literacy block..

1st Graders in Mrs. Kiddoo's Class at Colorado Elementary.

Third graders in Mrs. Eserhaut's PE class got active by using the letters in the word COLORADO.

3rd Graders in Mrs. Eserhaut's PE class at Colorado Elementary

Mrs. Truitt's fifth graders are using an article to compare and contrast this year's presidential candidates.

5th Graders in Mrs. Truitt's class at Colorado Elementary


This is a mural of self portraits created by all the students, Begindergarten-5th grade, and staff at Franklin. Each color of the rainbow is represented by a different grade level: Staff: pink; Begindergarten/Kindergarten: red; 1st grade: orange; 2nd grade: yellow; 3rd grade: green; 4th grade: blue; and 5th grade: purple.

An amazing self-portrait mural created by all students in Franklin in Ms. Holder's art classes.

Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th graders are beginning their first full week in their 4th grade ELA Journeys curriculum by working on prefixes at Franklin School.

Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th Graders at Franklin Elementary


Miss Dindinger's Begindergarten class at Grant School has had a busy first full week of school! Some of the activities they have been working on include practicing writing letters in shaving cream and building/drawing Mat Man!

Miss Dindinger's Begindergarten students at Grant Elementary


Jefferson 5th Graders had the opportunity to try out Band and Orchestra instruments this week with our Band and Orchestra Staff. Lessons and rehearsals will start soon for 5th grade students who wish to play an instrument.

Jefferson 5th Graders - future musicians


Mrs. Skidmore's kindergarten class poses for their first day of school photos!

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Skidmore's class at Madison Elementary


Students in Mrs. Steele's 5th grade class are participating in "6 Minute Solutions." They each take turns reading aloud for 1 minute, then discuss what they read, and record how much improvement they make from day to day.

Students in Mrs. Steele's class doing "6 Minute Solutions"


Middle School Agriculture Students: State Livestock and Meat Evaluation was held in Ames on Saturday Aug 27th. On the livestock side, all our middle school students did a great job and learned a lot. High overall team on the 4H side: 3rd team (beef), 1st team (sheep), 1st team (reasons). In Reasons- all 4 students placed in the top 10: Ryan 7th place, Tyler 4th place, Alyssa 2nd place, and Tiffany placed 1st. Overall individually- Tyler (9th place), Alyssa (7th place) and Tiffany (3rd place). This team will represent the state of Iowa in Louisville at the National Contest! On the FFA side, the middle schoolers received: 3rd high team, High team in Reasons, 3rd team (sheep). In Reasons: Dalton (7th place), Dakota (5th place). Individually overall- Dalton placed 2nd. Finishing 3rd allows students to represent the state of Iowa at either Kansas City or Denver, in National Contest! Great job middle school students!

Middle School FFA and 4H Winning Individuals and Team

The meats judging team was 7th overall (FFA) and 4th individual (4H) and top individual in Reasons.

Middle School Meat Judging Winning Individuals and Teams


In Mrs. Phillips' ESL resource classes, students discussed the perfect school, classroom, teacher, and student. Some of the student responses included: "My version of a perfect school is having open campus, everyone being nice to each other, school would be less overwhelming, better lunch, with a lot of good students that follow instruction and listen well." "A perfect classroom would be where we have an opinion and we get to choose what we want, a lot of people have a lot of games, more comfortable and approachable." "A perfect teacher should be helpful and smart, not yelling, would be able to teach the kids how to learn." "A perfect student is respectful , nice, kind, pay attention."

Students in Mrs. Phillips' ESL class

Fostering gratitude in Mrs. Walker's high school English class -- Some highlights include: "my mom for setting a great example for me" ... "football practice" ... "free education" ... "being alive on this beautiful day" ... "my grandma made me breakfast today" ... "music" ... "my friends" ... "life" ... "soccer" ... "family" ... "a big lunch"

Students in Mrs. Walker's English class shared what they are grateful for.

The Agricultural students in Mr. Paul's class at MHS got to take part in harvesting honey at the Ag Learning Center Friday morning!

Fresh honey at the Ag Learning Center!

AP Physics II students in Mrs. Joslyn's class constructed a cardboard boat and rowed across the MHS pond on Wednesday. Students kicked off the year in their Fluids Unit learning about buoyant forces.

Mrs. Joslyn's AP Physics students testing out their cardboard boat.

The Muskie Football team traveled to Cedar Rapids last Thursday night to play Cedar Rapids Kennedy, the #3 ranked team in the state. The Muskies came home with the win after defeating the Kennedy Cougars by a score of 29-25. The Muskies will host the Iowa City West High Trojans tonight, Friday, September 2nd. Come out and support the Muskies!

The Mighty Muskie football team vs. Cedar Rapids Kennedy. Great job Muskies!

State Livestock and Meat Evaluation was held in Ames on Saturday Aug 27th. On the livestock side, all our middle school students did a great job and learned a lot. High overall team on the 4H side: 3rd team beef, 1st team sheep, 1st team reasons. In reasons- all 4 in the top 10, Ryan 7th, Tyler 4th, Alyssa 2nd and Tiffany 1st. Overall individually- Tyler 9th, Alyssa 7th and Tiffany 3rd. This team will represent the state of Iowa in Louisville at the National Contest. On the FFA side- 3rd high team. High team in reasons, 3rd team sheep. In reasons Dalton 7th, Dakota 5th. Individually overall- Dalton 2nd. Finishing 3rd allows them to represent the state of Iowa at either Kansas City or Denver, in National Contest.

Meats judging team was 7th overall FFA and 4th individual 4H and top individual in reasons.

Middle School Meat Judging Team for both FFA and 4H.

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