The History Behind the Odyssey By:Isabel Boldt

What was the Trojan War?

•Battle between Mycenaen Greece and City of Troy

•Ended with victory to the Greeks

The Trojan War started with the abduction of Queen Helen. The absence of the Queen lead to an expedition to get her. This expedition included; Achilles, Odysseu, and several other Greek heroes.

•Battle of Trojan War was more than ten years

The Trojan War ended when a large wooden horse was taken into Troy. When night fell Greek warriors (led by Odysseus) exited the horse and battled Troy city to it's defeat.

•Odysseus's journey home took ten years

•His journey told in "The Odyssey"

•"The Odyssey" and "Iliad" are epic poems recounting Trojan war and what followed

Statute of Homer

•Both poems written by a poet known as Homer.

•Homer was Odysseus's relative

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